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  1. As I ran into a few disappointing surveys and sea trials I reviewed all the advice and opinions given and looked further into the S2 7.9. I found a nice one in Green Bay at a reasonable price (the upgrades alone since 2016 were equal to the selling price) and it is now sitting securely in the slip I had prepaid at the beginning of the season. While immensely smaller than my first choices, this boat is adequate in all ways for my stated mission since I don't mind camping. It is large enough to justify keeping in a slip and small enough to trailer cross country if needed. It won't cost $50
  2. This is a Black Swan event designed to prop up the price of oil. Expect more to come, as the inescapable rampant inflation will be blamed on energy costs/covid and not the frenzy of the money printing presses. People are working from home, the economy is in free-fall, people are being paid by the government to stay home and not work as occurred during the Weimar Republic, and the price of oil goes... up? One can explain all of this insanity on the central banks manipulating the currency at the end of a debt cycle. There is a glut of oil... and government debt.
  3. Some interesting points have been raised. The Bermuda 40 has been off the table for quite a while for me. I think everyone would agree that a pristine J/42 is more valuable than a pristine J/40 and far more expensive. For me, I have looked at two J Boats in a row that are in need of tens of thousands of dollars in work just in the categories of deck and hull rot/gelcoat failure. My new rule is not to drive more than three hours to inspect a J Boat, or to consider boats not on the Great Lakes already. When I looked at the J/32 the J boat dealer said J’s were only cored to the waterline, maybe
  4. And of course now the Hinckley is sold!
  5. Worth reading the whole thread, this is the moisture meter used by the surveyor and he says it is the best of all he has tried. $40 at Home Depot. Next time I will do a self-survey prior to paying $28 per foot for a legal survey.
  6. Falmouth Maine is a beautiful place, I arrived a little early and started poking around the boat. Overall, the boat is about what I expected but I was hoping for a little less crazing on the deck gelcoat. People say this is the brand of gelcoat they use but this is nine years before that era of gelcoat and seems as much their manufacturing as the gelcoat quality. There is no comparison to the Hinckley in condition or hardware. The hull is so poorly faired that the shape of the balsa core blocks is plainly visible in dozens of places. Just tapped out the hull. There is a 12x24” high moist
  7. Sadly at this point the US government is not funding its expenditures with taxes, rather with an artificial economy based on zero percent interest rates and printing money. Covid has been at best a fortuitous excuse for the printing which was going to happen anyway and also served to dramatically slow the velocity of money. Taxation is now just being used for social engineering as the debt cycle ends. It is a sad thing to see the nature of government seems to be the abuse of power and management of resources. Realize also that printing money is a form of "silent" taxation that steals wea
  8. Just got a phone call from the broker, survey delayed until Friday due to rain storms predicted Friday. Good thing I am retired...
  9. Saw it in the J/40 owners site. $1700 for four hoses under the pedestal, and that was with the pedestal out to repair the core under the pedestal. Seems crazy high to me also but that was the yard bill for that item.
  10. Survey Wednesday! It will be squeezed into an afternoon as the surveyor added it on to a morning survey the same day, on the request of the broker to avoid a month delay in performing a survey. Added to that, with trucking the boat 500 miles it is impractical financially to put it in the water for a sea-trial, so the motor will only be tested on a hose without being under load, not ideal at all. But the several thousands of dollars to commission and decommission the boat will go toward preparing for trucking. This of course is nerve-wracking but almost universally this is the approach ta
  11. Yes that would be improper installation. It is very important to pre-drill the holes, drill and fill, and chamfer the edge. Good tutorial: https://marinehowto.com/bed-it-tape/
  12. Things are moving along in a positive direction. This time Markel came back with a timely quote, in the $800 per year range covering the Great Lakes region. That's a lot better than $3000 for Annapolis and the east coast I was quoted for the B40 of identical price. Wow, it's giving me flashbacks as to how much more boat I am getting with the J/40 than the B40 . I've been looking for a suitable dinghy, and I have settled on a 2016 Shellback built by a maritime instructor in Buffalo. It is in new condition. The only problem seems to be arranging transport for the J/40. After looking at the
  13. The underwear came with the woman and the woman is self-sufficient. Same woman yesterday catching a grouper from her own fishing boat, launched from her nice house on the waterfront in Samar:
  14. The economy has been on life support since 2008, interest rates have been near zero since-this is the big gun to stimulate the economy. Now the only thing left is to print currency and forbearance of mortgage payments. We are nearing the end of a long financial cycle and there is no way out. Enjoy the decline!
  15. Yes, that’s why I said it. But the Swan 44 has a deep draft and would still be a $35K white elephant. Most going that route are not using premium marquees to cut off the mast and be motor only cruisers.
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