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  1. Update. I swapped my unit for factory refurbished Zeus 2. One issue is the display runs hot to the touch. I read that this how they run.
  2. My condolences on your escaped rotary button Claire. Would be happy to just send my old one but my local dealer arranged a swap for refurbished unit intact.
  3. A good example of common sense in buying late model 2nd hander.
  4. You have some idea....clamping vs application difference is keeping two substrates under constant pressure throughout the cure (clamp) vs ensuring those two substrates are pressed into the VHB with minimum 15 pounds of pressure during initial joining of the two substrates (application). You will note in my later post on bracing that it was for the sealant.
  5. How I blocked my acrylic port light bonded with VHB and Dow 795 for even pressure during cure. Braced from outside. Note that brace was for curing of the 795.
  6. If Brent Bystrom says it, you can trust it. I personally know him and he's considered one of the top application engineers in 3M.
  7. VHB does not require clamping pressure to get bond strength. It does require initial 15 pounds minimum application pressure which can be achieved with a hand J roller to activate the acrylic adhesive. VHB is a good choice made even better if used with Dow 795. The critical part is preparation of substrates. Sika fails in hot climates. Sika has far less ability to resist expansion/ contraction forces at bond line vs Dow795.
  8. But driver use, good idea. Flex shaft even better. Thanks. Guess I could investigate removal of belts cover and even the steps from cockpit to cabin to ease access.
  9. How do you access the hose clamp where the pipe connects with the heat exchange? On my Jeanneau 349, it's so tight I can't see the clamp and can barely fit a screwdriver in the space.
  10. Longy is right, its a formed pipe with drain in lowest point. The pipe shape routes it around other moving engine parts.
  11. How to permanent seal the damned drain in an almost impossible small space is the question. Removal of the entire pipe to seal that damned drain means that I could just put in a new one.
  12. Got a leak from the small valve stem seal on seawater side. The tiny valve is closed but still leaks. (YM Part #128990 49110). Should I replace the valve or the whole pipe? (YM part #128990 49010). Any tips on changing old pipes is appreciated!
  13. CW617N is what the manufacturer installed.
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