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  1. Fucking boom. Some people just like to be a big fish in a small pond. I never got that mentality.
  2. As Zonker said, its not just the weight of the keel / ballast, but where that weight is placed. My MG27 has a fairly standard trapezoidal fin keel, a previous owner (at I would imagine great expense) paid for Rob Humphries to draw him up another one of the exact same shape but in lead. The top section of the keel has a huge hollow section that's foam filled and glassed over, presumably to stop it being too heavy, but the effect is to move the weight to lower overall in the keel, even though the keel itself is only 5-10% overweight. Despite not being as pronounced as bulb would b
  3. Hmm, strange. I generally find my Ipad Air 2 running Navionics is within .1 of a knot of my B&G Vulcans display. I don't link the two or share GPS source. Certainly not noticed the speed jumping between preset values.
  4. What if the boat self identifies as a he?
  5. You only get to buy 65k boats like that because people stump up the up front money to buy a new boat. If no one was buying these 'French Shitters' and other new boats then the rest of us would still be stuck sailing overpriced IOR wrecks.
  6. Let us know how it is in a few years. I feel even a dry bilge is still prone to getting damp & moist, I'd be worried about the adhesive on the velcro itself not the actual strength of the velcro bond.
  7. Beautiful boat. And thanks for the pics, always good to see how the pro's do it for inspiration. Do you have any pics on the shower power installation? And also any clever deck solutions for the sail controls. Cheers.
  8. The trickiest thing I've found with ALL tiller pilots, regardless of brand is eliminating free play from the system. In my picture above I'm mounted into the aft cockpit cover which is just a drop in thing. This moves a little bit from port to starboard when the autopilot is working hard, then there is play in the pin on the aluminum tiller bracket and the tiller bracket itself isn't the stiffest thing in the world. It all adds up and makes the autopilot work harder than it needs to. One of my tasks this year is eliminate as much of that as possible.
  9. Just chuck in any old car battery. With your usage & charged up every time it will last a few years.
  10. Agreed with everything above. Putting the bolts through first and then installing the track in one piece is the ideal, however with the number of bolts on even a straight track you'll probably still end up poking them out. My track actually has a slight curve to match the edge of the deck to cabin side, but not being pre-bent you have to install the bolts one by one. No need to butyl the whole base either, its just more shit to squeeze out, ring around all the bolts & a small countersink is more than sufficient.
  11. I think the Furlex is designed for a Sta-lok former, will it work with Hayn?
  12. As everyone has already said, modern fittings are really easy. I'd say you're more likely to cause damage by transporting it. Whatever works for you though.
  13. Selden Furlexs tend to be a bit of a ball ache to fully disassemble once they're a few years old, but if all you're doing is the forestay than no need, even if you packed it up you need to bring it back in one piece. Easier to change the stay yourself. Unscrew the bottom fitting from the drum & swivel assembly, (helps if you dissasemble the drum first, very easy, all push to release parts) remove the former cone that you've just exposed from the middle of the wire & then slide the whole stay out the top of the foil. If you can't get the cone off then you can cut it off the wire
  14. I'm not talking about this specific area, I'm talking about overall fuckuppery. I seem to recall Macron calling the vaccine quasi ineffective, before backtracking and now complaining that he doesn't have enough of it. I can't be bothered searching for it, but I seem to recall people on here mocking the UK for backing the AZ vaccine early on & getting a terrible deal, if the UK had ended up behind on the vaccination program with the boot on the other foot so to speak then I'm sure it would be blamed on the UK for not getting in on the EUs deal, not the EU for taking priority. Some
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