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  1. With no load on it, its unlikely to leak for a long time. You might find that they look smarter fitted as they are then whatever epoxy you use to fill it. Gelcoat non skid repairs are tricky to get right.
  2. Never sailed one, but have always been curious to try. I think a good big main rig with bag & lazy jacks could and small jib could suit as well. But to answer your question, it may be worth joining the Junk Rig group on facebook, they have over a thousand members & someone can probably help or point you in the right direction. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1822600471338074
  3. Impressive! Do you have any details on how you sprayed the non skid? And how sticky it turned out? Thanks!
  4. This. Done correctly, no problem at all. I get the comfort problem, but it goes both ways. Anyone who's spent 4 hours holding onto a tiller while getting pummelled with breaking waves & pissing rain will appreciate an inside watch keeping position. And they're nice at anchor as well.
  5. New account. Manages to mention how good the Sirius 40DS is 3 times, along with all its features. Buy a fucking ad? Not sure how a self tacker is Blue Water either. But if serious, the German built requirement seems somewhat arbitrary.
  6. I'm fairly certain you've called other posters OCD for less!
  7. They aren't ignoring it, but we've also reached a point where its happened. They did wall to wall coverage of it for literally years. At one point you need to accept that its happened and move on as best you can. I've spent the last 10 years working in the Netherlands & Germany in offshore wind, even managing a 1 year stint on La Reunion. So obviously I was disappointed by the result, but another vote if it happens isn't likely to happen for another generation or two, far too much acrimony on both sides now. But however disappointed I am, I'm just going to make the best of it
  8. Hardly surprising is it? A few people on here seem to think that the BBC are basically pro Brexit & not doing enough to praise the EU. The same sentiment is evident on r/unitedkingdom (though that place is a complete shit show anyway). Yet if you look at the comment section on any pro brexit media, they all think that the 'socialist' BBC is in the pockets of big EU interests has done everything it can to sabotage Brexit. So they're stuck in a war on two fronts, even if they report objectively, neither side wants to admit that its objective & if its seen to criticise the
  9. You think you'll be allowed to drive your Scooby once autonomous vehicles start gaining back traction? Once self driving hits critical mass then humans will be phased out as rapidly as possible, campaigners will point to increased road safety, and the fact that one of the hardest things for autonomous vehicles to deal with is human drivers that are not always predictable. As big car enthusiast its not something I'm looking forward to, but it seems inevitable.
  10. You really need slugs. Bolt rope main needs to come all the way out the bottom of the mast track to get it down completely, whereas slugs or cars the sail can flake on the way down. It might work if your track entry is reasonably high above the boom, but normally you need to pull the sail down to the deck to get it all out.
  11. The layup on the inside of the hull for where the external chain-plates on my boat was for 7 layers of 600gm biaxial matt. Smallest 150mmx200mm - going out to 500x500mm. (inside of the existing hull) Rigging is 6mm 1x19, lowers & caps to the same chain-plate. There should be a good safety factor built in. Loads seem roughly comparable to what you have stated above. Especially as your hull is thicker to begin with. However a strap would be more suited to bearing this kind of load, preferable one with an offset bolt pattern so they aren't all in line.
  12. As has been said above, you can't do any more without now determining if you have a leak at the high pressure injection pipe (and they're usually quite obvious, as this is very high pressure) or pulling the injector to look underneath. Most likely its the seating area being dirty, if you end up having to take it off its a fairly easy job on these engines, no belts or chains, valves are pushrod actuated. I would try the copper washer first. Realistically these engine are 30 years old now, so you have to decide how much you want to spend on it. I'm not spending anything more outside
  13. I've read a fair few reports of people deploying these in anchor. Sometimes off stern cleats. (not recommended) Has anyone actually managed to rip out their sea anchor chain-plates?
  14. On these old Volvo Pentas they use a copper sleeve, the injector sits in this & supposedly seals at the bottom. They're quite known for blow-by. The sleeves are still readily available, but you need a special tool to remove & install them. It was no longer (easily) available last time I looked. Nor could I find any local engine rebuilders that had it either. My solution in the end was to use an injector cutter tool to very carefully clean up the bottom of the injector sleeve. (use lots of grease) I followed this up with a with a disc of fine grit sand paper glued ont
  15. I've never had a problem with 'foreigners' working in the UK. It would be pretty hypocritical since until Brexit I spend the last 8 years working in the Netherlands / Germany & a years stint on La Reunion. Wages in France & the UK may be similar with regards to purchasing power, but I think that's less true when it comes to the Eastern European countries, we don't get that many French tradesmen over here (yourself excluded) but we do get a lot of people from Eastern Europe. Its standard economics that when labour supply is high then it drives wages down & vice versa. But t
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