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  1. There is an Olson 30 at my club that has raised there mast 2". It seems to really help them out in light air compared to the other Olsons and PHRF boats they race against. They do not get a rating hit for it. I am not sure it is legal or not. PHRF has not caught on yet so they do not have a penalty for it. In our local PHRF (Essex County PHRF) you are supposed to get 3 seconds for every 2% increase in mast height. Would love to find out if there are others out there that have increased their mast height and their performance now compared to before.
  2. Went out and checked using my GPS ..... I can go 6.6 with 3300 rpm 7 knots at 3500 rpm .
  3. I am newbie in this forum and I feel like this has been discussed before here but could not find anything. I need to get rid of weeds on my keel. I have a shoal draft J/92 which is actually really competitive even with a PHRF rating of 108 compared. I race in an area with alot of surface and ground weeds and we get killed by a gradual build up of surface weeds or bottom weeds. I installed a window (http://www.signetmarine.com/products-2/kelpwindow/kelpwindow.html) which rocks and I highly recommend them I can see my entire keel all the time. But I still can not get them off the keel.
  4. I will check for sure. I just have a gps reading no knot meter and I am always in current. But I think it is around 6.6knotsat 3300 rpm . I am usually the fastest under motor compared to the rest of my club. I have an extremely smooth hard bottom (VC offshore). Although if there is a headwind I do find the boat gets slow due to the windage of everything compared to others. Will find out for sure and get back to you but I have never felt underpowered.
  5. Thanks , The spreadsheet was great. Would love to talk to the one fellow running the outboard on his J/92. The funny thing is my wife is also wanting me to make the switch. She hates inboards mostly due to the smell and noise in the cabin while we cruise. How much faster do you think it actual helps,, 3s, 6s 10s etc?
  6. Looking for anybody who has any info on the improvement on the race course switching to an outboard compared to an inboard worked for PHRF racing. Currently I race my J/92 with a PHRF rating of 108 but would like to race closer to the Olson 30's that I race against. Thinking of switching to an outboard with the penalty. I have heard that it is well worth it with the J/29.. Any comments will be appreciated.
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