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  1. Anyone know if Aurelien Ducroz is signing up for the TJV, and if so, on a Class 40? I loved following his ski career, so I look forward to following his sailing adventures too in the future.
  2. Huge congrats to Yannick Bestaven. It sounds like he needed to overcome a lot just to get back to the starting line after his 2008 VG dismasting. I'm excited to see what's to come for him.
  3. Well done Louis!! Pushing hard to the end!
  4. Congrats to Charlie!!! WELL DONE!!
  5. Burton flying! Seems fairly calm for making such a big move, but I guess he's been doing it throughout the race.
  6. Thanks, Stief. Very interesting. With his performance so far, and his participation in the Kevin rescue, i would say that Boris has more than earned a dinner at the Yacht Club (world renowned restaurant from what I understand) with his friends, and a few stiff drinks at the bar.
  7. Sorry if this has been covered, but could someone please explain the relationship between Boris and Yacht Club de Monaco? Is he a member? Are they sponsoring him? I don't see any other imocas in the VG with yacht club burgees (maybe I missed it), so thought that was interesting.
  8. ^^^ This is almost exactly how CD and TR caught up to, and eventually passed, AT heading the opposite direction. AT went too close to the Brazilian coast.. Amazing. It will be interesting to see whether YB can hold off his pursuers.
  9. Things look to be shaping up for a fascinating split! Should be a really exciting final leg of the race. Can’t wait to see what happens. Best of luck to all out there.
  10. Looks like Maxime is enjoying himself and some nice chocolates for the holidays.
  11. There was some talk earlier about how CD was from the same school of thought as Gabart in that Gabart would not publicly reveal damage to his boat to prevent allowing competitors to take advantage. Curious to know whether Gabart and others would disclose damage of this sort, maybe because it might be fairly serious (hopefully not) or if CD is going against the Gabart school by revealing his foil damage.
  12. What are the odds of all eight new boats sustaining significant damage? Pretty incredible. I hope it is not too serious for CD. He has been sailing an amazing race so far.
  13. In the latest sked, Yannick has snuck past Ruyant and he is only 65 nm behind Dalin. (This does not take into account any redress YB will receive.) Extremely exciting race!!
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