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  1. Video of the start. Not much breeze, but still great to see these teams get off the line.
  2. Very excited to follow this race on SA! Will make for better reading than certain other threads that are train wrecks at the moment. I became a fan of Louis Burton during the VG due to his never quit attitude and constant pushing. His boat repairs in the southern ocean were incredible to follow. I am hoping he comes away with a victory here. Also rooting for Yoann in the V65 class due to his awesome analysis during the VG. was AT ever considering this race? Would have been fun to see him do a few legs against some amazing competition.
  3. I was in Melbourne during the stopover in the last VOR. Even though there was no inshore race, and the village was pretty small, it was still an incredible experience. Just seeing those boats (yes, I know they are no Imocas, but they look pretty impressive IRL) was amazing. And meeting the people in the village made it all the more fantastic. It made me sad I did not get to Newport for the finish there and the inshore race. Its sad to see that with all that went into the let edition, this race seems to be setting up with no visibility and not much of a buildup. I truly hope the race
  4. Anyone know if Aurelien Ducroz is signing up for the TJV, and if so, on a Class 40? I loved following his ski career, so I look forward to following his sailing adventures too in the future.
  5. Huge congrats to Yannick Bestaven. It sounds like he needed to overcome a lot just to get back to the starting line after his 2008 VG dismasting. I'm excited to see what's to come for him.
  6. Well done Louis!! Pushing hard to the end!
  7. Congrats to Charlie!!! WELL DONE!!
  8. Burton flying! Seems fairly calm for making such a big move, but I guess he's been doing it throughout the race.
  9. Thanks, Stief. Very interesting. With his performance so far, and his participation in the Kevin rescue, i would say that Boris has more than earned a dinner at the Yacht Club (world renowned restaurant from what I understand) with his friends, and a few stiff drinks at the bar.
  10. Sorry if this has been covered, but could someone please explain the relationship between Boris and Yacht Club de Monaco? Is he a member? Are they sponsoring him? I don't see any other imocas in the VG with yacht club burgees (maybe I missed it), so thought that was interesting.
  11. ^^^ This is almost exactly how CD and TR caught up to, and eventually passed, AT heading the opposite direction. AT went too close to the Brazilian coast.. Amazing. It will be interesting to see whether YB can hold off his pursuers.
  12. Things look to be shaping up for a fascinating split! Should be a really exciting final leg of the race. Can’t wait to see what happens. Best of luck to all out there.
  13. Looks like Maxime is enjoying himself and some nice chocolates for the holidays.
  14. There was some talk earlier about how CD was from the same school of thought as Gabart in that Gabart would not publicly reveal damage to his boat to prevent allowing competitors to take advantage. Curious to know whether Gabart and others would disclose damage of this sort, maybe because it might be fairly serious (hopefully not) or if CD is going against the Gabart school by revealing his foil damage.
  15. What are the odds of all eight new boats sustaining significant damage? Pretty incredible. I hope it is not too serious for CD. He has been sailing an amazing race so far.
  16. In the latest sked, Yannick has snuck past Ruyant and he is only 65 nm behind Dalin. (This does not take into account any redress YB will receive.) Extremely exciting race!!
  17. As many have pointed out, AT is good for the race. He is a great sailor, great communicator, brought amazing cutting-edge boats to the last two editions, and broadens the viewership of the race internationally. For someone who has made winning this race THE goal of his career - to the point where he effectively said he did not care too much about losing the RdR because he was focusing on the VG - it would be nice for him to spend more time supporting the race now that he is out. As Jack points out, that could simply be appearances on the Live show and more social media outreach. (I'm not
  18. Dalin looks to have caught some speed again up front. 24.1 knots at the latest sked. It would be nice to see if he and the others will be able to keep this up in seemingly more favorable conditions.
  19. Dalin is looking really fast on the latest sked - 23 knots. I wonder if he is trying to regain the lead that got eaten up the last few hours. Is he taking risks that he did not want to take just to regain that buffer? Or is he just in better conditions? Or a combination?
  20. Is there any precedent of a VG competitor retiring due to boat damage, repairing the boat and then finishing the course, just not part of the official race? I ask because of the discussion of AT or Sam potentially trying this.
  21. Looks like he is out for a pleasure cruise! Good for him.
  22. In addition to helping a know nothing fan like me get a much better understanding of the race, I love that this forum has locals or people who have traveled extensively almost everywhere! Like when someone suggested Alex T. visit albatross bar at Tristan de Cunha, an island I had never heard of, or when @littlechay was able to post pictures of the Vestas repair in the VOR thread because I think his brother was in the Falkland Islands. Awesome stuff. Thanks all.
  23. ^^^ Would love to see some videos of these conversations between Kevin and JLC. Maybe I am missing something, but why would the reporter think JLC hadn't resumed racing. He has been going very well since the rescue. In any event, great answer! Another great answer. And thanks for the translation!!!
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