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  1. Hard to tell from the current tracker, but it seems like the leading yellow boat might try to hit that shorter pink line. Maybe we will get a better sense when the tracker updates in about 10 minutes.
  2. Indeed, although in fairness to Charal, Apivia arguably had the advantage of going into the doldrums after Charal, because Charlie could see that JB entered a hole and could go around Charal (as could many other boats). I wonder if Charlie is trying to pull off a similar feat here.
  3. Is Apivia trying to create some lateral separation from or leverage against HB and LinkedOut? Charlie seems to be headed east, while AT and TR seem to be heading west. Could be interesting to see on the next tracker update whether these boats maintain their course.
  4. Good luck to Jeremie on accomplishing whatever goals he still has, and fair winds!! It will be interesting to follow his progress!
  5. Not sure what you’re drinking but I want some.
  6. Apologies if this has already been answered, but for all the routing and whether buffs, are you expecting a park up and fleet consolidation at the doldrums?
  7. Isn't this just AT's style? He's never been one to play it safe. I agree, though. He is in first, and ideally, he should not be putting boat and limb at risk. Also, was too busy at work yesterday to follow Beyou's comments. I am gutted for him. I can't imagine preparing all that time - to the point of not being able to be present for a sick loved one - only for serious boat damage so early in the race.
  8. Looks like the damage was too much for Charal, and Jeremie is headed back for repairs.
  9. I really hope Charal can be fixed and Beyou can continue racing. Also, there was some speculation up thread as to whether Apivia was changing route to come to PRB's assistance. Based on the latest tracker, it doesn't appear so. Potentially "good" news for PRB?
  10. Thanks for posting! Incredible. I don't know what I am more amazed with. The fact that he managed to eat a good bit with all of that slamming, or the fact that he didn't spill a drop of his meal. Whatever he had in that bowl must have been thick (but actually looked pretty tasty).
  11. Glad he woke up when he did. The bolded part sounds familiar, but the outcome different..
  12. https://www.vendeeglobe.org/en/news/20147/armel-tripon-you-need-to-look-ahead Nice entry from Armel Tripon about current and approaching conditions, the need to get rest during calm windows (like now), and the need to plan out maneuvers in advance of challenging windows (soon ahead).
  13. Could Charal's track on the tracker showing he crossed right through the exclusion zone be a glitch? I recall in the Arctique, the tracker appeared to show at least one boat missing a turning mark. I think this was due to the fact that the tracker did not show the boats' actual tracks, but rather estimated the tracks based on the boats' positions each time data was released to the public. Eventually, that tracker was updated with the "real" track, clearly showing that none of the boats had missed the mark. Could something similar be going on here?
  14. Let's also not forget that Alex was able to claw back about 600 nms in the last edition and give Armel a real run for his money at the end of the race - even with a broken foil. As long as he is still in the race, AT will always pose a real threat.
  15. I too hope all skippers finish and have fair winds. Would be great to see a close race.
  16. I think AT was the fastest when tracker went down. Charal pretty close at about 20+ knots. I didn’t see any others in the 20s. not that it matters, but I am rooting for the frenchies.
  17. That is brutal but he was pretty far over from the look of things.
  18. Cracker of a start! Good luck and fair winds to all. Let’s go LinkedOut and Apivia!
  19. I must say, watching the docks in Les Sables is incredibly relaxing on an otherwise crazy election day / period. Thanks for posting.
  20. So looking forward to this race starting it and following it closely. It will be a sorely needed bright spot In a very very strange year. It will be great to check the tracker every couple of hours.
  21. Congrats to the Jackal! Too bad there will not be a fourth leg, but what an incredible race and result for Armel! What a legend!
  22. It's a dead heat now! Such compelling racing! I really hope we get some good video footage of the finish.
  23. I have no idea what you're talking about or what your question means. I live in New York, so I could have easily seen the boats if they raced here. I wasn't making a comment that suggested that I think ALL IMOCA races should end in the US.
  24. Definitely an interesting and exciting race, but I would have loved to see these boats come ashore in New York!
  25. I guess Boris didn't get much of a speed advantage by throwing that float overboard. Amazing how close this race is! Should be an extremely exciting second half!
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