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  1. Feel terrible for Armel. It was always going to be a challenge. Now, it seems even more so for him. Hope the damage isn't too bad. I think I read up thread that racers can resume racing to get miles under the belt / other requirements for the VG after having repairs made to the boat. If that is a possibility, I hope Armel can pull it off and make the starting line in November.
  2. Wow. It’s really great to see they were able to get this race off during these times. Makes life feel a bit more normal. And what exciting stuff so far! Escoffier is a beast, and LinkedOut is such a surprise story so far. Can’t wait to see some photos and video from high up north!
  3. In Class 40, I love that Ducroz is doing so well (4th place currently). He is a world class skier from Chamonix. Look him up in YouTube if you want a good scare! I knew he also sailed, but didn’t realize that he sailed at this level. Very impressive!
  4. Congrats to Apivia! Very well sailed race! Dalin will be a force to be reckoned with at the VG. And what a finish for the second spot this is setting up to be! Great stuff! Can't wait to see more from this class!
  5. Charlie and Pascale in particular seem to be experiencing some slow speeds at the moment. They are back in eight. I continue to be impressed by Cremer and Le Cleach. Their persistence and consistency is paying off!
  6. Tracker now showing Charal in fourth, going 1.8 knots. Unbelievable. I feel sorry for them - hope they get out of the Doldrums soon!
  7. IC into second and with a great vmg. Amazing stuff!
  8. Sorry: Posted before I saw Ahstom had already explained what happened to PRB. Glad nothing is wrong, and hope they can get back into the position they were in! Looks like PRB slowed down dramatically (.9 kts in last 5 minutes) and is pointing the wrong direction. Hope all is OK on board. Also, HB tacked, and I've been impressed with Enright. I assume he doesn't have too many hours on an IMOCA. He and Pascale have been hanging in there!
  9. Double Handed ocean racing. The Volvo and other crewed races look very different.
  10. Thanks, checking out contemporaneous articles, it seems like you are right and my memory was wrong.
  11. Interesting that he publicized the fact that HB suffered sail damage. I wonder if he would do the same in the VG. IIRC, he kept very quiet about foil damage in the last VG (as mentioned in prior posts).
  12. Charal has a pretty lousy angle. Will make for tight racing with Apivia.
  13. Not commenting on whether it was a mistake or not for HB to stay that far North and go West, but I will say that they are not the only boat to choose to stay North and go West. Others have followed to some extent. For example, BV 2 pretty high and West. Sorry. I took Graucho Greg’s thoughts.
  14. Sad. Sounds like they were trying to be conservative and something broke or went wrong.
  15. During the last VG, HB didn't announce its foil damage, and the public didn't know for sure whether her foils were damage until we saw videos of the boat!
  16. Anyone know if there is a replay of the start available online? I couldn’t find one on YouTube yet. Thank you.
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