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  1. DDW, do you really know Sikaflex 292i? I suggest you read some tests of it. It is a lot stronger than 3M 5200. And who talked about the size of the boat? Kentucky Red: There will be no problem when gluing the plastic track with MA310, as it has proven to work. MA310 is for bonding plastics. The aluminium track is the tricky part and you only have a few options, use 292i with primer if kept anodized, G/Flex or a high temp version from Pro-Set if removing anodization. There are Plexus products available for the anodized track, but it is not MA310. DDW might know which type to use, M
  2. Use G/Flex, but only if you remove the anodizing on the track. If leaving anodizing on, go for Sikaflex 292i or an equivalent 3M product.
  3. Hey Roy, I linked to the old manual in the other thread. Any problems reading it?
  4. Hey Roy, I linked to the old manual in the other thread. Did you have problems reading it!
  5. I live 110km west of Stockholm. Agree about beer prices and about the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm.
  6. Julian, a bit further north, Sweden actually. About the tracks, postage shouldn’t be that expensive. Especially as they seem to be made of Unobtainium.
  7. Hi Roy, I might have the tracks that are bolted to the hull lying around.
  8. Hi Roy, This one is for the old version: 49er Owner's Manual
  9. About the 49er Dyneema forestay, question is what fitting to use in the lower end? Until now I have only used a std schackle, but have also built a 9:1 miniature block combination as advised in Swift Solo pages to eliminate the need for a boat breaker.
  10. From my active period in Tornado sailing in the 80´s, I rembember talking about up to 500kg on the forestay.
  11. Thanks for the advice on re-coating! About Armourcoat, is it one of Armor All´s products? This is my, constant and precise enough, system using two trees in my garden.
  12. Maybe this one from Blue Wave? https://bluewave.dk/products/wheel-thimble/
  13. Great to get my ideas verified. It´s the same one I use for the forestay on our 49er sportsboat project using 4mm Liros D-Pro Static(DM20). After making the end splices, I take my 10:1 Harken F18 mainsheet and stretches the stay between two trees, sheets full, restretches after a few fours and leave it over night. Checking with my Spinlock Rig-sense after a few hours and the next day, no difference in tension!
  14. Be aware all Dyneema ropes are not the same and have different attributes. The D-Pro Static I mentioned earlier, has zero creep(permanent elongation) and is made from Dyneema DM20. It has a ca 10% lower LBL than other Dyneema versions and stretch still exists, though. Still Dyform is great and easy to deal with.
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