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  1. I am using a RWO on the forestay to slack the rig on shore. Did the one below on another one, kind of stationary rig breaker: http://www.single-handedskiffs.com/images/adjustable_forestay_complete.pdf
  2. Not sure I follow you, do you want to move up a hole to lessen rig tension? Otherwise, whenever you lengthen your shrouds by moving a step up in the shroud adjuster it must be followed by shortening the forestay one way or another. About rig tensioner, I can really recommend Spinlock Rig-sense. Cheers Lars
  3. Bought NOS spares from the Swedish Jumpking wholesaler. Even found one where the fittings of three sides could be used. Only had to shorten it to fit the main beam.
  4. Exactly the same polypropylene mesh is used for jumping trampolines, but it is sold a lot cheaper.
  5. Thanks Julian, my guesstimate was 4200mm. No need to dig deeper into this subject. I have used 20sqm SA for the pinhead and 21,2sqm for the carbon rig. Have now gotten the info needed to go on with the project, thanks again.
  6. Thanks Julian, that helped a quite a bit. I actually wanted the figures of the pre-carbon/elliptical main rig, as this is what we play with. I have also realized that my old RM/Designwind spreadsheet have a few errors, so I would really appreciate the correct 49er beam figures, both with and w/o wings.
  7. Julian, do you have the FX and 49er old rig CoE’s. Have found the 29er and present 49er numbers at 9eronline. Cheers Lars
  8. Our hull is sailed less than two seasons, so I guess it is still OK. But will anyway add the 50x2 tube. Have used 50x2 excusively on my earlier tried wings from 65 to 110cm width, both single handed and with crew, allthough all of them have had their frontend hanging from the trapeze wire. The 45x45mm nets are OK, but next one will be with trampoline fabric. Works great anyway :-) .
  9. Absolutely! Wouldn´t even try to right a 49er with full rig, if single handing. Because of this the idea af adding a lead bulb came up. If single handing and hiking from 1m wings and a SA of ca 14sqm, it would probably work. The bulb should then be as efficient as a second crew when righting in case of capsize. My suggested solution above is to add a 50kg lead bulb, hiking from 0,65 wings with crew, making it a sports boat. Cutting down SA to 19sqm(13,3+5,7) is then probably needed. One could go full rig if making the wings wider, but it would be not be practical for those
  10. JulianB, As I have interpreted the thread starters(K9u20) intentions, he intend to make something fun of a beyond raceworthy 49er, ie the same intentions as I have. To have any further expectations of our tries to reuse a great and competent hull is of no value. It will be interesting to see how the different versions works IRL and then compare these recycled boats. About the bulb attachment, what is your idea of doing it? I have taken your recommendations account, about widening the wings some 300mm. This is an alternative, as you can then go for the original sail plan, i
  11. Great info, thanks. About lead shots and epoxy I thought about that as a nice build method, but the density then goes down from over 11kg/dm3 to below 7kg. This makes volume go from 4,5dm3 to 7dm3 for a 50kg bulb. The drag is small for either of these 0015 bulbs and nothing to take into account, though. Made a ballpark calculation of drag got just over 1N difference(4.7 to 3.5N) at 10m/s, estimating total Cd to 0.02, anyone who can verify?
  12. Thanks, it is not more complicated than I thought it would be. We will cast the bulb as two halves, with bolts through the foil holding everything together when glueing. Questions: Is the bulb made with a thin plastic cover or just leveled out with filler and painted? Expect you will use the original 49er board? Hard to see from your image: Is the bulb made from a bottom and top half? Expect you will use the original 49er board?
  13. I like this thread as it is so friendly. So all input and aspects on the subject are welcomed, as long as they are constructive and yours really are. About the daggerboard load case, I look upon it like this: The walls of it is not loaded at all, the sideways loads on the deck and bottom sandwich panels, are compression forces and the structure should be able to take excessive forces, so it is still the bending forces on the daggerboard being the weak point, even if we include the torsional forces from the water movement. The section is from Gareth at http://www.windknife.com/ . I th
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