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  1. Try to find someone who has a boat ( similar to what you have in mind ) that will take you for a sail. Nothing like the real thing. You will love it!
  2. Hot and Soggy, If you have actually settled on a Wave or a Weta ( not just thinking along those lines ) I may be able to help. I have owned both and sailed them extensively, both in a racing environment and for pleasure. They are both excellent but also quite different. If you like, let me know how to contact you and I promise I'll talk your ear off. Maybe I can help you in the decision.
  3. Too many questions but here are two simple answers: If you plan to race, then buy what everyone else races. If you plan to casually day sail for sheer pleasure, then buy the boat YOU like. Happy Sailing!
  4. You need to find a new hobby. First of all, no PRO is perfect. Be glad someone will volunteer. If you bitch enough, you will have no one to be PRO. Once that happens, there will be no racing to complain about. Then what? You could volunteer to be PRO yourself, if you know how. My guess is that you are not headed for the America's Cup or the Olympics so chalk it up to weekend where the PRO did their best in trying conditions and get over it.Try to enjoy racing that may never be what you want be. Just wondering? Hasn't the time limit for protest expired?
  5. Clearly designed to do everything BETTER than the venerable Sunfish. If you like the Sunfish, you'll like the Rocket BETTER. If you are not crazy about the Sunfish, stop the process. Happy Sailing!
  6. Enjoy the tunes and assume you are going fast!
  7. Breagnaway, Many good suggestions so far and here are a few more: I sailed/raced a Weta for several years. If you cannot keep it fully assembled ( say on your beach ) forget it. It takes quite a bit of time to assemble/ disassemble even with practice. As the name suggests the Weta is really WET to sail. I imagine that lakes in Montana are always fairly cold. With your kids ( ages ? ) it will be fairly cramped. My wife hated it. You are obviously considering many boats - all with their plus and minus factors. My last suggestion is the Hobie Getaway. It is roomy, very stable, quite dry and reaso
  8. Breaqnaway, Can you keep the boat ( of your choice ) fully assembled at the lake? If you keep the boat at home and have to take it to your lake, put it together, go sailing, then do the whole process in reverse it makes a HUGE difference in what boat to consider. Tell us your situation with regard to storage and launching, then we ( your respondents collectively ) can make much better suggestions. Just how you plan to use the boat can make all the difference in the world in your selection. The idea is to enjoy your boat - not work yourself to death. Let us all know and then the suggestions wil
  9. The wood boat build you imagine has many problems as listed in the various responses so far. Buy a good used fiberglass OPTI that will be legal and avoid the many problems waiting for you.
  10. Once you have sailed these similar but different boats you will know. Without actual time on the water, discussion has little value. Good luck on your decision.
  11. J Boats is a business. The proof of success or failure is in the order book and annual profit or loss. They work VERY hard to bring boats to market that sailors want and will enjoy. Seem to be pretty successful so far. If you don't like a particular J boat or certain things about it just don't buy one. Little chickenshit comments serve no purpose. As my dear mother always said " if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all ". I believe they have another winner on their hands. Happy Sailing!
  12. I had hopes of one-design racing here in the S.E. The boat did not catch on. It sailed very well and seemed to be very well built. Never having sailed a Finn, I cannot comment on the notion that the MegaByte is a " gentleman's Finn " but I have heard the comment many times. IF I was younger ( 72 now ) and IF the boat was raced locally I would buy another without hesitation. When choosing a boat, one of the most important questions to answer is simply " how do you intend to use the boat? " Any help?
  13. Ventucky Red, Had one and really enjoyed it. What are your specific questions?
  14. Had a Snipe and raced quite a bit here in the S.E. Don't really know about the mooring situation. The board is pretty heavy so how are you going to take it back and forth to the mooring? WITHOUT the board, the boat is very tippy so consider getting from the launch/dinghy into the boat. The Snipe is fairly narrow and a bit uncomfortable. You didn't mention racing and if you plan to " take someone for a ride " as your sailing activity, then maybe consider a true daysailer. My suggestion would be a Rhodes 19 keel version. Maybe the best daysailer ever. Don't buy the Snipe just because it is " re
  15. One less lunatic in the world when disaster strikes. I hope not one dollar is spent or one life endangered in the inevitable rescue attempt.
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