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  1. What's all this RACING talk? I thought the J9 was a daysailer with the world's most comfortable cockpit. Does need a few gimbaled drink holders.
  2. Maybe you want too many capabilities in one boat ( as has been pointed out before ). Let's say you want A - planing hull and B - capacity for four and C - spin/gennaker and jib and D - cheap. This will not be easy to do. First, decide which capability is most important to you. Find a boat that will give you that first choice and see if it will give you any of the others.Then rearrange and juggle your priorities a bit. You mentioned that you will " probably sail solo mostly " so start there. That will narrow the choices tremendously. This process has bedeviled most sailors so good luck. You a
  3. xonk1

    VX Evo

    Hey Rod, Is the ballasted centerboard a dead concept?? Still might be some old guys like me looking for some extra stability. Might broaden the appeal.
  4. xonk1

    Roof rack?

    Why not a regular boat trailer? No heavy lifting, no stress on the car. Some reason you don't want a trailer?
  5. Hope you can roughly decide on how much sailing you will do with your wife and kids versus the interest in racing. Very hard to find a boat design that will do both well. On the racing side, what dinghies are raced in your area? Are any of them also good for the wife and kids? The dilemma you face is common. Also consider just where you will sail the boat - where to store it - where to launch - how much time is involved. All these things can make enjoying the boat a struggle. Should be plenty of places to rent in San Diego. Try renting different kinds of boats before you buy. See what your wif
  6. The first response is correct. The boat has been kept in excellent condition for MANY years ( contrary to some speculation ). Actively sailed/raced by Ray Burke Sr. and his sons for decades. It is a fixture at our club.Beautiful at the dock or under way.
  7. If your mast is free to rotate then MOST of the time let it rotate on its own. It will align correctly. There are times that you may want to manually ( if you can ) alter the natural rotation. In most boats, manually rotating the mast back towards the boat centerline will depower the rig. Maybe read a book or articles on mast rotation on smaller racing cats.They seem to use this adjustment quite a bit. Unless you are a serious racer just sail the boat more.That alone will increase your performance. Happy Sailing!
  8. The charter program is a great way to decide if this is the boat for you. After all the sailing/racing you get for the charter fee, you will know if this is right for you. If NOT, you have just saved the hassle of owning and then considering selling a boat you don't really like. Plus, regardless of your decision, you will enjoy sailing/racing a brand new design with almost no work on your part. Try before you buy. Happy Sailing!
  9. Used UShip to find a driver from OK to GA. Drivers seemed like hard working guys just trying to make a buck. No Problems. Only caution is that the drivers JUST DRIVE. Don't expect them to periodically check the boat to be sure all tie-downs are still tight or that nothing is chafing. The security of the boat is up to you. Assume that when you check everything that will be the last time it is checked. Same goes for the trailer.
  10. bluelaser2, Give it a rest! Your posts are not helpful or informative. Sail away in your Hobie Islands, enjoy it and stop posting.
  11. After you stop laughing, take a good look at the Hobie Wave. I bad-mouthed these boats for decades and now I OWN ONE! They are extremely stable, require zero hiking and have surprising performance especially in a good breeze. Add to that, zero maintenance and ease of launching and you get a great little boat. Happy Sailing!
  12. For all who advocate for some sort of power on a dinghy, just get a power boat. Too much talk.
  13. Dave, Great concept and product! Virtually all of the naysayers seem to display their own ignorance when it comes to the boat or the rig. I spent many enjoyable hours on a Sunfish as a teen in Miami. Everything you say about the Rocket is correct. Not easy to do but you seem to have succeeded in a significant update on one of the best small boat concepts ( board boat ) ever developed. Glad you had the guts to push ahead. Best of Luck!
  14. A sailboat for ONE - assembled by TWO
  15. Looks like an ugly offspring from some Catalina - 22s. Grim!
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