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  1. Does anyone know what the state of the company that developed RaceQ's is? The service is working for me but it looks like the iPhone App has not been updated for 4 years and also the Facebook page and the forum on their website seems to be pretty dormant. This may be a long shot but does anyone know how to contact the developers?
  2. I'm currently going through a re-power on my Catalina 38 from a Universal 5424 to a Beta 30. I opted for the Beta 30 to have a little more headroom for a bigger alternator. Not sure how the engine bed is set up for the A4, the 5424 was using 3 engine mounts. We are doing the modification for the 4-mount Beta 30 which is not a big deal, just some wood laminated on top of the existing stringers. Happy to snap a couple pictures if you are interested in anything specific. If you are interested in re-building a 5424 I know where to find one as well.
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