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  1. On further reflection, look for a 3 cabin Catalina 42. It’s almost perfect for what you want to do, easy to find and holds its resale value well. I prefer the 2 cabin model but for coastal SoCal cruising they’re hard to beat. The only possible downside is that it’s just a little too long to fit in a 40’ mooring. The MkI is available for under $100K and the MkII is $95-130K.
  2. You might want to take a look at this. Same hull as the Kelly-Peterson but has a different deck/interior design. And it’s in San Diego. (No affiliation, I just like this boat.) https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1984/liberty-458-cutter-3658152/
  3. Fixed it: Rimas Loved McDonalds - a poem by Jean Rondeau We're working on a leed that he was seen on the big island of Lautoka near the McDonalds. Rimas loved McDonalds If anyone has friends there we need someone to scope it out and see if that was really Rimas near the McDonalds. It is promising, this leed. Rimas loved McDonalds
  4. There is but one actor manically incomprehensible enough to play Rimas: Roberto Benigni.
  5. There's a Samson C-Deuce for sale for $76K in the UK. By comparison, this is a steal. Although, something tells me $6K is closer to the true value.
  6. I don't have any pro helicopter shots but here's a view of the isthmus on Catalina Island, taken from the helm of my Cal 29 Happy Hour.
  7. They're going to need a bigger boat!
  8. That Morning Cloud ad reminds me of reading the London Times coverage of the Admirals Cup races back in the mid-70s when Ted Heath, Ted Turner and Ted Hood were all racing. Being the Times of London all reportage had to be very proper, of course, so they referred to "Mr. Edward Heath, Mr. Edward Turner and Mr. Edward Hood". Problem is, we 'Murricans aren't quite so persnickity in applying our nicknames, so it should have been "Mr. Frederick Hood" and "Mr. Robert Edward Turner, III". So give the Times a 1 for propriety, but deduct 2 for journalistic accuracy.
  9. True, but what about the chicken? Rimas chicken has Chicken is in boat Is aliving? Deaded? Nobody can know Rimas too
  10. That looks a lot like what I imagine when I see the term "origami boatbuilding".
  11. Sounds right, since he's been out there for about a week so far.
  12. Since this is on a powerboat, it probably doesn't count. But my boat partner sent me this pic she snapped in the marina today, and I had to share it. Is there a prize for ugliest?
  13. I looked up Dulzura and it's on the far side of San Diego from here. Since I have plans to go sailing today it would have to wait anyway, but I'm planning to go to San Diego for the St. Paddy's Day parade on 3/12, so maybe I'll take the long way home. Something tells me it'll still be there.
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