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  1. I would like to think that at the very least, the yeast died happy.
  2. Mrleft8

    WTF is happening in the world?

    I think there's a Jackie Chan movie where he pulls that line....
  3. How many vegans do any of you know, who wear fur, animal horns, or any kind of animal by product.... Even wool is taboo. Milk is taboo. Most of the proto-vegans I knew at college, when it first became popular, didn't understand that leather moccasins, and wool sweaters were something they shouldn't be wearing.... But the most fun was in the dining hall, where they had a table separate from the rest of us so that they didn't have to see us eating flesh.... The amount of Jell-O was stupendous..... Until someone told them it was made from cow hooves....
  4. Mrleft8

    Oil!. Is the future of world energy

    DAMN! That reminds me. I should have had a brisket in brine last weekend to make a proper corned beef dinner on the17th! Good god! I'll have to start it tomorrow and hope it gets pickled in time.....
  5. Mrleft8

    Censorship and Cancel Culture

    I don't think that anyone would notice racism in "And to think it happened on Mulberry street". It's a kid's book, not a lesson in ethics. "Little black Sambo" never struck me as racist, even after people said it was. It was just a kid's book. Kid's don't see race. They see fun. And getting kids to read is a good thing. I never really noticed that my friend Stuart was different from me in any way, until one day, when we were riding grocery carts down the hill on Winchester Ave., and he crashed and got a good cut. When his mother washed his arm off and put on a Band-aid, I mentioned that it wasn't blending in with his skin... Mom said "They don't make Band-aids in our color"..... I watched the beginning of "Gone with the Wind" last night (For about the 20th time)..... The lead in was seriously racist, as was the whole movie. “There was a land of Cavaliers and Cotton Fields called the Old South. Here in this pretty world, Gallantry took its last bow. Here was the last ever to be seen of Knights and their Ladies Fair, of Master and of Slave. Look for it only in books, for it is no more than a dream remembered, a Civilization gone with the wind...” ― Ben Hecht This is what Trumpers want to make America. To take us back to the land of cotton, where the days of old are not forgotten....
  6. Mrleft8

    WTF is happening in the world?

    If you knew sushi like I kn........ Never mind.....
  7. Not. Nobody would do anything so stupid on my birthday.
  8. Stories&pgtype=Homepage He was a nice boy. He used to cut the grass....
  9. Mrleft8

    WTF is happening in the world?

    Nah. Me either. Even after my friend told me the story while we were in college.... But then again, I'd never been stuck in a long tube full of seamen for months at a time, w/o any female contact.
  10. Mrleft8

    Its hard to find a real answer

    It's hard to find a real answer when you discount anything that you don't want to hear. Funny that way, idnit?
  11. Mrleft8

    The Quake downunder

    It was good. Couldn't understand 3/4 of what she said, but we had fun.
  12. Mrleft8


    Didn't cost her a dime. Not only is it a tax write off, it is the right thing for people of her financial/ social stature to do. I have nothing but great thankfulness for people like Dolly Parton. I wish that more people of wealth, and power would follow her lead.
  13. Mrleft8

    Texas is lifting restrictions

    There was kind of an "Islamistan"..... Is that close? It was Afghanistan, and remains Afghanistan, but it was proposed at one point to rename it "Islamistan".
  14. Mrleft8

    WTF is happening in the world?

    Reminds me of an anecdote that a friend had of his time in the Navy, on a submarine.... CPO came through quarters on inspection one day, and saw a lone sock on the floor. "OH! LOOK! Someone lost his girlfriend!".
  15. Mrleft8

    WTF is happening in the world?

    It's a circle of happy people.