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  1. School bad. Free good..... Hmmmm Free beer and crack with pre-school? No? No good. Me want some free pork rinds and Mountain dew.... No? Free breakfast for lil'uns? No! Me take care of me lil'uns! Me serve dem Ramen and mountain dew!!!! Fuck you and health food! Me got both teeth! Me smart!
  2. Isn't the point to kind of make hospitalizations lower, no matter what? So if more people are vaxed, then less people are likely to get hospitalized, and the potential for spreading the infection is lowered..... It's not about vaxed people going to the hospital, it's about lowering the spread of infection..... Or am I wrong? I could be.
  3. We call that the "Tartan option"..... But yes..... That and haggis..... "If yeh don tek tha dealie, we'll hold yeh don, and farce feed yeh me dear granny's haggis and blodpuddin' till yeh accept it.... Understand laddie?"
  4. Thing is.... When the mistress gets "Begat"en.... Abortion is important..... And a fundamental right.... In private. But when other women get begat..... It's important that those zygotes have full human rights as US citizens.
  5. Like many members of the party of family values (Funny how they don't use that anymore) Getting tight pussy is more important than your wedding vows. Newty Newt promised 3 times to love, honor and respect, until death do they part, his 3 wives..... At least he's doing better than Rudy, who was banging his cousin before divorcing one of his many wives, and then marrying said cousin before divorcing her while banging someone else. Like Trump who was banging Marla while married to Ivanna, banging Melania while married to Marla, and banging Stormy, and McDougal while Melania was recover
  6. I was informed today by two people (One of whom is my almost 13 y/o grand-neighbor, who once again has been banned from visiting us because we're a bad influence on her, by her ultra "religious" mother who is also living in sin with her boyfriend who has 3 other kids from 2 other women) that the Covid19 vaccine injects Lyme Disease into people.... Which is why mom and boyfriend, both of whom are first responders, won't vaccinate the 6 kids. The other one is a guy who installs cell phone systems of some sort, who claims to be ex CIA and special forces. I never heard of ex CIA or spec
  7. Unlikely. Once the baby bill is passed, the repubs will say they did a bipartisan infrastructure bill. Thing is It's like paying 10% down on a car you never intend to pay off. You drive it until the repo man comes at midnight. Then you go plonk down another 10% on another car. Republicans used to be responsible (for the mostpart) people. But ever since 1980, that's just gone out the window. Bullshit your way through one problem after another. Deflect. Deny. Deregulate. Defile.
  8. Despite the kitchy sound, and the false Texas BS, ZZ Top were truly great musicians, and Billy and Dusty especially were revered by musicians all over the globe. That they made themselves famous by being hilariously funny with out resorting to slapstick was pure genius. RIP Mr. Hill. (At least he didn't shoot himself in bed with a hooker this time!)
  9. I wonder what TFG has to say about today's hearing..... Probably something like McCarthy's "I was busy in meetings, I didn't see any of it".
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