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  1. I guess they could move to Alabama, or Mississippi, and she could marry her brother, and keep it all in the family, so to speak.... Just, you know, under the table like.... One of them might have to get a name change, and all, but......
  2. "Mullet toss"..... Once again, that means something else in other parts of the country/world. Where I come from, that means kicking a redneck out of the bar by the belt. and the back of his head/hair.
  3. Damn..... Like most Hiaasen readers would catch that. It's a novel. A creative work of fiction, meant to entertain the reader, not a fucking hand gun safety manual. It's also a direct jab at the man that Carl Hiaasen blames, in large part, for his brother "Big Rob"'s murder.
  4. I wonder if he's any good at Corn Hole.....
  5. Are you kidding? She never intended to marry the man, she was intending to marry the potential. The potential has dropped significantly, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if there isn't a "Covid related" delay on that whole nuptial thing.
  6. I would say that showing up in overwhelming numbers, and then ignoring the assholes would be the best bet.
  7. And now Bitch McConnel is a "Dumb ass" and his wife (McConnell's, not Trump's 3) is a weakling for leaving the cabinet position after Jan. 6.... (And McConnell never thanked Trump for gifting his wife a job) Pence? Well, of course he's a disappointment. That's what his home state people thought of him before he got bailed out, and into the VP slot. It's just astounding how stupid Gaetz/Trump/Jordan/Greene/etc. supporters are. I understand ignorance, but this is just plain and simple stupidity.
  8. And where's the money for food and water coming from? Something doesn't smell right.
  9. I thought it was the Brits who invaded the Malvinas.....
  10. One of the cardinal rules of LTP was "If you're legal to drive on a public road, you're not eligible to be in the tournament yet. Have another beer!" There was a hay bale beer station where after a goal, the winning team was supposed to pick up a red Dixie cup of beer before resuming play. There were lots of tents on the lawn, and sleeping bags in the barn the next morning..... Same with the WBS EBS weekends. Dogs always ate well.
  11. If the guy has $ to get food and water and charge up his phone every 2 days, he can find a place to stay other than the ship. He doesn't look skeletal, so clearly he's eating fairly well. Dec. 2020 is not 4 years, even in Trumplandia. Swimming to town and back with food, water and his cell phone? That ship looks like it's a half mile off shore. That's one hell of a stout zip-lok bag he's got this stuff in. Something does not smell right.
  12. There's a Prince in Nigeria who can help you help him.... But He'll need your bank acct. routing number so he can wire you the cash.
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