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  1. If you don't like it, don't need it, don't want it, donate it to a worthy cause, and tell them it's due for a Tranny fluid change.... (Tell them It has always felt like it was a Honda trapped in a Toyota's body.)
  2. No shit.... Really? You just figuring that out now?
  3. I'm guessing that Boothe was including himself in that number... No wonder he's so frustrated and angry.
  4. between this shit, and Jim Jordan yelling at Dr. Fauci and demanding that Fauci give a final number when people can stop wearing masks, and claiming repeatedly that people's constitutional rights were being suspended by mask wearing, and social distancing guidelines, I'm pretty sure that the RWNJs are feeling particularly put upon....
  5. I thought you meant it was going to make me vomit. This is much betterer.
  6. When her adoring fans heard that there was a picture of her getting poked, they didn't think it was by a needle.
  7. A cook book might be worthwhile.... I have a great Beef Wellington recipe.....
  8. Kind of reminds me of another Scot, but at least this one doesn't lie about making money off the forum. Last time I posted stories on a public/private forum, they all got deleted, and disappeared into thin air when I disagreed with the forum owner's pet fella. I'll be happy to post amusing anecdotes, but I'm unlikely to put the kind of effort I once did into something that I can't control ever again.
  9. I hired an electrician to do a job last summer. Before committing to the job, I asked him what he thought it would cost. He told me that because it was a side job, he'd charge $12 an hour. I didn't blink. The first day he worked for about 4 hours before he had to get home. It was a Friday, and he'd told me he couldn't come back until Monday. I gave him $200. He didn't even look at the money, just pocketed it and left. Monday when he showed up he said that he wasn't sure that the rest of the job would cost as much as I'd paid him, but he appreciated having the cash for t
  10. It's not a mental health issue. It's a cultural/media issue. When you grow up (or not, but become older) with video games that aggrandize killing, and movies that aggrandize killing, and TV shows that aggrandize killing, torture, publicity, and then you have next week's episode, it becomes not such a big deal. People used to decry Roadrunner Vs. Wile. E. Coyote, Daffy Duck, and Bugs bunny Vs. Elmer Fudd because of the violence. That cartoon violence is just a drop of spit in the ocean compared with today's offerings. When I was growing up (OK I never grew up, but got older) We
  11. I've really only stopped bar fights. I've watched quite a few. The best non-bar fight I ever saw was when some big, dumb tattooed guy came in to the local bar and started mouthing off. He was looking for a particular guy, (who was there, quietly drinking a pint of Guinness) Dumb guy finds out where Cliffy is, and walks up to him. Smacks Cliffy on the back of the head. "I hear you're a bad ass, that can kick anyone's ass" (True) Cliffy keeps cool, takes another drink off his pint and quietly tells the guy to please leave him alone. He's just trying to have a few drinks after wo
  12. The cellar (basement) in CT. always stayed between 50f-57f year round. Perfect for storing wine. Always slightly humid, except in the depths of a dark, and cold winter, the humidity usually stayed around 70-75%. Growing consumables required a special foil lined enclosure that lived next to the furnace/boiler. They liked it down there too. Beer needed to be fermented upstairs, but once bottled, it aged very nicely along side the wine. Ginger beer was not allowed in the house. It lived in the barn. Too many ginger bombs went off unexpectedly at various times of the day/night, and
  13. BTW Just my experience..... Lay corked bottles with punts at about a 10-15angle. Enough to keep the sludge in the punt, and enough to keep the cork weeping, but you don;t want the cork to rot by lying it flat.
  14. We had an actual cellar in CT, that was perfect temp/humidity. We kept hundreds of bottles in there from 5.99 to nearly a hundred. Mostly in the $20-$40 range. We gave a lot of that away. We took our favorites to the Carib, where it did very well under a somewhat leaky but not always sink.
  15. no, not really,,, they gangbng on dog shit, what' the big deal w/ flipflops'
  16. Mikey is a "Scientist"?...... Is that like Doggy is an "Architect"?
  17. It's nice to see that the crabs have you by the short hairs again. Now go fuck yourself, like you did this morning when no one was watching.
  18. "Well which is it you want young feller? Iff'n I get down on the ground, I can't rightly put my hands up, But iff'n my hands are up......" "SHUT UP!"
  19. According to FOX news..... OK.... That's good enough for me....
  20. I find that wine is best stored in the stomach... I have a wine cooler, but it rarely ever gets to where I want white wine to be. It's good for reds though. I should probably unplug it, now that A/C season is coming up.
  21. Last I heard it was a traffic violation warrant. I could be wrong.
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