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  1. You men disruptive, distractive, deterrent, dodgy, etc?
  2. Nope. I'll just add that I thought she was older than I, when we met.... In the dining hall... With her father in attendance.
  3. When I was a teenager, and through my mid twenties, was always attracted to older women. Which leads me back to the story. Which will have to wait until tomorrow because I'm now too sedated from shrimp omelets, and beer to compose a graphic, yet tasteful historically accurate, if not perfectly verifiable, under the circumstances, and the rules of modesty, etc. tale of two young people. (Not a 30 something creep and a teenager)
  4. I have a story, but it'll have to wait until after dinner.... (BTW she was 16, I was 19, and she was...)
  5. I never had any major side effects, other than feeling like I got kicked in the shoulder by a mule, but it's no worse than a tetanus booster. I will say that I'm very happy to hear from most of my black acquaintances here that they are either fully vaxed, or halfway there, and intend to get dose 2. The only ones I hear poo-pooing the vax are older white people (usually fat and smokers) or young white redneck guys. To be honest, both those categories can cull their own herd as far as I'm concerned. I feel sorry for the grade school kids who are being subjected to stupidity, but t
  6. I would say that it's quite possible that she could be arrested for stalking, and potentially hate crimes for verbal assault and harassment.
  7. I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts that Savara was a premi baby.
  8. I'm sure he's the same as he ever was....
  9. I'm guessing that @Willin' has Robins......
  10. Trump has always surrounded himself with "Yes" men (or women). That's why he fails so spectacularly every time. But that's also why these people are attracted to him. If they say what he wants to hear, they're praised by the father/mother/ teacher who always told them to "sit down, shut up and listen". If Trump had ever hired a competent advisor, he might have succeeded in life..... But nope. All he has is his fake TIME magazine covers, a bunch of underwater properties, a gazillion law suits, and a tremendously failed presidency.
  11. I can see how that might be an incentive to not stop by the local bar for a few beers on the way home after a long day at the office.....
  12. That'd be the solar powered Jewish space lasers that started all those fires out west..... Jewish lightning is not a new technology. It's been blamed for inconvenient fires in failing businesses for centuries.
  13. Define "Government". Personally I think a new WPA, and CCC would be a great thing. Put out of work people to work helping rebuild the crumbling infrastructure, while building new skills, or even just making ends meet. Big govt. is not the enemy, Big business is.
  14. And w/ Trump squeezing every republican's balls in his tiny little hands, you think this is possible? I don't. Sadly I think it'll take another Pearl Harbor, or 9-11 to bring this country together again. The threat from with-in can only be ameliorated by a threat from with-out.
  15. Bars in this part of Fl. already have drive up windows where you can get a to go cup of whatever. I asked a bartender about that whole drinking and driving thing... "Hey. I just sell it to them, I don't make them drink it. Once it leaves my hand, what happens to it is none of my concern."
  16. Heritage Foundation? Or Federalist Society? Blending both together would make even Dick Cheney's head spin....
  17. Oh, and the people in New England may seem terse, or taciturn, but that's just because they aren't glad handing you, like people in certain other parts of the country.
  18. My father hired a guy from Lubbock to work for him back in the mid eighties. This guy, freshly graduated from UT architectural school, and his brand spankedy new wife drove up to New England in their 1979 Trans AM with a U-Haul trailer...... In January. It took him a week to get un white knuckled. "I never seen so many curves in a road in my entire life!" He said one day, after he traded in his Trans AM for a front wheel drive Toyota. Yes you can throw a Frisbee across two state lines if you have a good arm, and the wind is just right, but also remember that a 15 mile commute might
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