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  1. The gas station owners should have been shut down, and fined for allowing customers to use non DOT approved containers. (And the customers should have been fined, and had their gasoline confiscated too)
  2. Desantis is screwed either way. Trumpsters will hate him if he extradites The Donald, and Millions of potential Desantis presidential votes will evaporate if he doesn't.
  3. And the guy down the street would under cut you and outsell you by a 30/1 ratio. I know that I'll drive an extra half mile to save 3 cents a gallon if I'm filling the truck. If I'm just getting gas for the mower I'll bite the bullet.
  4. Some of us don't live 2 blocks from anything, have no access to public transportation, and couldn't w/o extreme pain, walk two blocks even if there were something w/in a two block radius. The closest store where I can buy food, or beer, or ginger ale is 8+ miles away. That said, this panic buying and hording is pathetic, especially where I live, as we don't get our gasoline via the pipeline.
  5. In fact most of Florida's gasoline comes in via ship to ports on the Gulf coast, and deliveries by ship were not affected in any way by the pipeline disruption. So why the sudden $.30 price hike? Greed.
  6. I have watched, even helped my mother make lasagna. Alone it sux. I just can't make it. My sister makes a damned fine vegetarian lasagna, I've had her coach me over the phone. Mine just sux. I will admit to not being able to make a few meals. Lasagna is one. A good lasagna is always better the next day, just like chili, and beef stew, but my lasagna still sucks even after a night in freezer camp.
  7. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGH! Crepes, with extra vanilla extract, stuffed with chocolate mousse, and topped with raspberry preserves and powdered sugar..... Man, I could eat 4 of those right now....
  8. But................ Vodka is better for drinking than gasoline..... Nyet?
  9. How many of those people with tupperware tubs of gasoline in their hatchbacks are actually going to, A: Be able to lift 20 gallons of gasoline into their car, and B: survive the trip back home w/o passing out from the fumes? (Silly me, B: is a no brainer. They already fried those cells at Talledega and Daytona)
  10. Well, I'm pretty pissed off. Yesterday the market price around here was $2.76. Now it's $2.99. IF YOU CAN GET IT. The fact is that the oil companies are using this "attack" as an opportunity to fleece the public. Who says that Exxon/Mobil, etc. didn't orchestrate this whole thing? What's the matter? The DOW was up the NASDAQ was up, The S&P was up..... Who's pissed about that? Republicans who wanted a total economic collapse to show how bad Biden is. Hell.... That kind of went bass ackwards. Plan B:.... Let's cause a situation. (Like they haven't done this about a million times
  11. I'd bet that Stevie Wonder can read Braille better, and faster than Bootsie can read printed words, and he probably only has to use one hand while doing it.
  12. Thankfully my mother never cooked cabbage. HOWEVER..... One of my childhood friend's mother seemed to be perpetually steaming/boiling cabbage. She was also, at the same time boiling/steaming baby brother Joe's diapers. I have forever since associated the aroma of steaming/boiling cabbage with the stench of steaming/boiling diapers.
  13. Cinnamon toast with hot sweet tea with too much milk in it (On a nasty sleety afternoon.) Welsh rarebit with cream of tomato soup. Grasshopper pie. Standing rack of lamb ribs with mint sauce (not jelly), and mashed potatoes, and asparagus Artichokes with balsamic vinegar. Waldorf Salad. The saddest lemon meringue pie you ever saw, every year, on my grandfather's birthday..... One year it would be lemon meringue soup. The next year the crust would be like it was made from plywood, the next year the meringue would just not sit up. Some years it was so sour it ma
  14. I think she's been that way her whole life. It would kind of explain why the Judge (My wife's father)ran off with his secretary after 17 years of what, from first hand accounts was a nightmare for all involved.
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