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  1. Has nobody got pics of the FOX chick that was at the Al Smith dinner? I can't believe she doesn't have a presence on the net, other than in her office attire............
  2. "Looking in to" is different from spasmodically jerking around like an epileptic boa constrictor with a cattle prod shoved up it's butt. Stop being a spaz, please.
  3. Paranoia isn't a good thing, Dabs..... Try to shed it.
  4. Somehow, I have doubts about the veracity of the report that Dabs read. Not doubting that it was printed, just doubting that she intends all those things. And if she does, good luck getting it through both houses of congress, or the SCOTUS. I'm a moderate gun owner/user, but I have no fears about Hillary, and I had no fears about Obama. If you're afraid, you ought to think very briefly about why you're afraid. If I was a paranoid psychotic nut case, I'd be afraid too...... But I'm not.
  5. Of big OX Entwistle.http://knownpeople.net/wp-content/uploads/j/john-entwistle-photo.jpg
  6. Judging from that picture, my pee bucket is really small.......... The soil is so sandy here I've often wondered how the leaching fields work.
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