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  1. The Reese hitch porta-potty is kinda key these days for me. That's not even for camping, just doing field chores. I only went car camping once in my life, and that was just because it was raining so hard in the Blue Ridge mountains that even thinking about setting up the tent was a joke. As a matter of fact, every time I went camping with this particular woman, it rained like a mother fucker. Clearly it was a sign.
  2. Wow. Not only do the storms start early, but the stupid ramps up to red line early.... Fun fun fun 'til mother nature takes his surfboard away............. (Or the alcohol and cocaine corrode his intestines to the point where he just leaks out.)
  3. Poor fucking Florida didn't think past their nose. Wah, fucking, wah, wah, fucking wah!
  4. Disregard the above. Forum assholery. My mother's the tall one. I'm the short guy. I was probably 6 at the time. And that's probably the last picture taken where my sister was taller than me
  5. Poor BO. Only 12 years old. Better than a lotta dogs get, and I bet he met people that other dogs never get to meet, and probably went places, and smelled stuff no other doges ever got to smell. Imagine sticking your doggy nose up the popes skirt..... (I know what He had for dinner!)
  6. No, it's Snot. And I thank you for your sympathy.
  7. Yup. I'd like to add that it's very sad when mother's turn on their children. Children who love them, and cherish them no matter how badly they are treated. It leaves deep wounds that don't heal. It's a 3 way street. 16 years ago today, my wife took her mother to S. Africa for a 10 day safari. (Yes, the day after my mother died, but the safari had been booked, my mother's death had not.) Last month my murder-in-law trashed my wife for being an insensitive, selfish bitch. This from a woman who my wife has flown around the world dozens of times. Sent her money when she
  8. Dr.s used to have a code of ethics that they lived by. Now, that code of ethics is about the same as Donald J. Trump's code of ethics. The Dr.s that I deal with at UF Health are nothing but fucking shills for the insurance scams, and Pharmaceutical companies. I've had better, MUCH BETTER health care in 3rd world shit hole countries than in Florida. People say that it's because I was used to better health care in New England that I'm dissatisfied with UF Health. BULLSHIT! I had better care in Trinidad, Grenada, England, Canada, Germany, Mexico, Kenya, S. Africa, and even in that shi
  9. Yes, she was born in Kentucky, and died on Kentucky Derby Day.... 90 seconds after the race ended.
  10. Young, at 76. I miss my mother so much it makes me cry just thinking about her last days. Anyway, just needed to vent. Sorry.
  11. Like I said before..... It's gotta be something in the water here, and it ain't Manatees, or Alligators.... The stupid starts young, and gets stronger the bigger they get. Education, and healthcare are dirty words around here.
  12. http://image.celebrityleakednudes.com/thumbs/Maria-Bartiromo-nude-celeb-pics-1.jpg
  13. Good fucking god! Great to see you back Hobo!
  14. Could be "Foxosis".... Or "Foxititis"..... Or "Foxarrhea" Or even "Foxy tits".....
  15. Texans are like Florides, but with bigger belt buckles.
  16. I can think of better places..... Chances it lands on a house/palace are slim. Maybe the Channel Islands. Take care of that little mess all in one swell foop.
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