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  1. OK. I'll stand corrected. My memory is good, but it's not as good as it used to be. be. be. be. be.
  2. No.... He's more the "My father was a wealthy Colombian oligarch, who banged a Puerto Rican Mattress back, and decided to marry her.... because it was better than going back to Bogata..." kinda fella.
  3. The USA paid in advance for the research that Pfizer did. I'm not sure about any others, but I do remember that Pfizer got a huge research advance. And the fact is that these companies, corporations, invest huge sums on research that often goes nowhere. So to get a basically get out of jail free card in advance was a huge bonus. They got paid whether they found a vaccine or not. Now there's the potential for lots more big bucks. They can offer the rights for a modest fee, or get it taken from them because it's already been paid for. Seems like a no brainer to me, but I'm not a greedy mot
  4. I'm sorry... There's not much we can do about that now, is there? (BTW, thanks to Mrs Trump the 3rd, I'm feeling "Best!") I will admit that I was a bit disappointed when I found out that she hadn't actually said "Be Breast!" Which I figured was her interpretation of her husband's "Grab pussy" feelosophy......
  5. Just wait until those Scottish nuclear submarines get down there, with their bag pipes blaring, and the kilts, sporins, and cod pieces... Why the Frenchie's'll be runnin' and hidin' and takin' their fair maidens away from the coast line, I tell ya! Remember how the French ladies suddenly had a batch of fair faced, broad shouldered, well endowed young lads, and wee lassies with the sweetest smiles, and sturdy bosoms after the Highlanders liberated Normandy from those invading Hun Hordes.
  6. He(she?) could be good for Rudy's Duh-fense strategy....
  7. Liz Cheney ain't no angel, but she seems to be trying to shed some of her snake skin....
  8. The really sad part is that I actually caught the pun.... That is sad.....
  9. Who the hell buys a gram of cocaine? And what kind of hotel has false panels in the room?
  10. Let's think...... Intellectual property rights (=$) Vs. a vast good for human kind(=0$)..... I suppose that if I owned the IPR on something like a covid vaccine, I'd like to get a little something for the technology, but.... I think that I'd be good with a few hundred million, instead of the billions envisioned.
  11. You'd think that under cover narco cops in Italy might be a bit smarter.... But wait, I'm sure there's a WOP joke in there someplace....
  12. Very different societies... Oh wait.... You were talking about a flock of Seagulls, weren't you?.... My bad.
  13. WTF are you talking about?
  14. Balthazar, Caspar, and Melchior were from Iraq? No.... See. You need to pay attention. Melchior was from Persia (Now called Iran). Balthazar was from "Arabia", (Possibly Iraq). And Caspar was from India.
  15. Plastic guns. I guess these guys never really evolved past the Daisy red rider BB gun phase of their intellectual development. Real men carry rifles w/ wooden (preferably Walnut) stocks, and blued steel receivers and barrels.
  16. 23-28 y/o? Hell..... In La. those could be grandparents.....
  17. Let's sea if it floats. It might just be a raft of lies.
  18. He might be too old and slack for the bubbas in club Fed.
  19. We've all determined that the 3 wise men came from a far, which is why they were dressed in turn out gear, and had a Dalmatian with them....
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