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  1. We can have nice things. We just can't let Republicans know about them.
  2. Sadly, no matter what it's called, there will always be a large group of people who are against "it" just because someone else proposed "it". Right now that's the do nothing Republican party, next decade it may be the "Frisbee party", or the Democratic party. No telling these days.
  3. I think it's just pure awe struck dumfoundedness that keeps the democrats from saying anything about the way most republicans are acting. I mean, if you saw a guy stick a large sky rocket up his ass, stand on the edge of a dock wearing water skis, light a BBQ igniter and say, "Hey! Hold my beer! Watch this!". Would you do anything, or just gape in amazement until the explosion?
  4. In Vermont, porcupines in outhouses are a real threat. That and the always possible freezing to the out house seat in December-March. This is why you'll often find a BIC lighter in an outhouse in New England.
  5. What will happen to one of the world's biggest philanthropic organizations? Will it become "The Bill Gates foundation"or "The Bill or Melinda Gates foundation"? Or just "The Gates Foundation"?
  6. We the people, have with minor exceptions always been the people. Regardless of nationality,color. religion. and foul smelling food.
  7. No. He doesn't have the machinery to get there. Even here in cow country he's regarded with a smirk, and a sigh. He was better than the black guy, that's about it.
  8. I have only seen a few businesses in Florida, that weren't franchises, that weren't essentially fronts for some shady operation. The corruption here is astounding... And it's not safe to bring it up to the authorities because..... Guess what? They're in on it all.
  9. Never been on face book, never intend to be on face book. I expect that face book will be like the compact disc. the biggest thing ever, until it wasn't.
  10. Lots of black widows here. They kill a good sized lizard in just a few minutes. I am very careful around them, and if they set up housekeeping anywhere near a doorway, or inside the house, they get killed. They also seem to be very aggressive, and go after you if you get near the nest.... That doesn't go over too well with me. Even if they're out in the garage, if they get bitchy, they get sprayed.
  11. Much to my surprise, the pizza crust was exceptionally good! Crispy but with a bit of tug. Not tough, or bready at all. It didn't bubble up like I'm used to, with big black blisters, but that may have been because I kind of rushed it in the cooking stage. I will use the hot/warm water method again in the next week or so just to verify.
  12. He's always had greasy dandruffy hair. Lotta geeks are like that. I went to school with a guy who has gone on to be one of the world's leading Ornithologists. In the morning on the school bus his hair looked fine. By lunch time it was getting kind of clumpy and waxy flakes were evident. By the school bus ride home his head could have joined OPEC, and the dandruff was like something from a NYC MACY'S store front Christmas display.
  13. There was another thread, which I can't find, where I brought up the hot water dough theory. Well..... When I made the dough originally a week or so ago, it came out great. Really silky, smooth, stretchy w/o being rubbery.... So I did as suggested, and froze half of it for future use. Last night I took it out of the freezer, and let it defrost in the fridge. This morning I took it out, and let it rest on the counter. I gave it some fresh flour, and kneaded it a few times to reactivate the yeast. This afternoon, I have a very silky smooth and unstretchable wad of dough.
  14. I've never been in a nest of badgers, but I have been in a room (a small room) w/ Bill Gates, his father, and his step-mother. (Along with my parents, my sister, and a few other friends)... The only aroma that I detected came from the grilled butterflied leg of lamb, the saffron rice, and asparagus.... The chocolate mousse with creme de menthe and honey whipped cream for desert was sublime.
  15. There are lots of people who will drive your car across, and some even pay for their own gas. Insurance becomes the issue.
  16. Anchor still makes Steam. I prefer the Liberty IPA, but they're both fairly decent brews.
  17. Better, yes, but there's still lunatics like MTG, Gym Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, Lindsey Graham, Bitch McConnell, Watzizname McCarthy, John Kennedy (not that John Kennedy), Joe Manchin, Ted Cruz, Lil' Marco Rubio, and a whole slew of others down ticket that keep me on edge... Don't forget, Trump's still running this clown train.
  18. My freshman year at college room mate was from Cincy (as he called it). He kept on going on about Little Kings cream ale. Said it was the best beer in the world. He came back after Thanksgiving break with 4 cases of the stuff. Wretched swill. He got kicked out of school for chopping my bed, desk, and half of my clothes up with a brand new Snow and Nealey axe that his buddy had bought him.... Tripping their brains out on window pane. I'm guessing I was lucky that I was in someone else's room that night.
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