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  1. I believe Synchronised Swimming, Gymnastics, and Softball to name a few. I think part of the IOC Agenda 2020 also called for equal medal allocation, not just equal numbers. It seems to me like the vast majority of women in professional sailing roles (SailGP, VOR) have Olympic backgrounds. To be fair, these organisations (especially SailGP) could be doing more for inclusivity. It's good to see that Nina Curtis has been put on the AUS team (actualy sailing team), but haven't sene much from the other teams yet. Different topic for a different thread though...
  2. Ha I'm sure that would. My goal would be to make sailing self reliant enough that we don't need to include events like that...
  3. There were a couple of interesting points made in the equipment committee by Dina regarding the choice between splitting the 470 and splitting the kites. To paraphrase, she basically said how the IOC needs us to try and make our events represent more of a 'beach lifestyle' that will appeal to youth, and how coverage of the 470 (I took this to mean traditional sailing) isn't going to generate the participation necessary to satisfy the IOC
  4. All great suggestions so far - thanks everyone! Anybody got some ideas for locations in the UK/Europe? I'm considering ways in which the sport can improve it's product and attract more media attention - particularly Olympic class sailing. We have an obsession in this sport with going to 'traditional' venues which, while they offer great sailing and lots of history in the sport, aren't necessarily the most ideal venues commercially. For example, Palma and Hyeres - both of these sailing venues are just 'down the road' from tourist meccas, but we continually select out of the way
  5. Looking for suggestions for cities/locations around the world that have a lot of public foot traffic in an area around a harbour/access to dinghy launching facilities. For those have been there, the once which comes to mind for me is RMYS in Melbourne. Heaps of people walking in and around this area, but also situated on a beach where dinghies can be launched. Let's hear some ideas!
  6. I agree, that sailing can be framed to create a much better 'story' that makes the racing digestible to a non-sailing audience, and I've advocated for this elsewhere. The issue is, the IOC aren't willing to allocate the funding for us as a sport to develop that narrative. This ultimately means it's going to come down to either WS, the athletes, or a private entity to build the story for themselves, and that simply isn't happening. It's a bit of a chicken and egg situation. Also important to note that the respondents who are interested in sports not typically shown on television
  7. Let's take a look at another example - the UCI (cycling). Cycling in the Olympics has many forms - Mountain Biking, Track, Road (road race and time trial). Any non-cyclist can understand the differences in these diciplines, but they all come under the banner of the UCI. Why is it that cycling can have some of its 'core disciplines', without having to include a 'tandem mountain bike relay where half the race has to be completed standing on the saddle'? It's product attracts eyeballs, and further, the UCI has a massive revenue stream outside of the Olympics, but based on the Olympic d
  8. I think you've missed the point of the post. People watch the 100m, 200m, 400m etc because it's short, easy to understand and provides good entertainment. Sailing on the other hand, is none of those things (except to sailors), and sailors aren't the IOC's target audience. Weight lifting has the same qualities mentioned above - each lift is over in less than a minute, and you either lift the weight or you don't. A non-weightlifting audience understands why weightlifting needs different weight categories. A non-sailing audience doesn't understand why we need different boats to cater to dif
  9. It seems like the underlying assumption in this thread is that the IOC has an interest in representing sailing accurately as a sport. This may come as a surprise, but that simply isn't the case. At the end of the day, the IOC (and professional sports in general) are in the media/entertainment business. Sailing has so few medals compared to the other 'boat sports' because the ROI% for media coverage is significantly worse, and probably even negative. The IOC and host cities have to spend significant amounts of money fitting out sailing venues (which they can't sell tickets to), supplying boats
  10. As WGWarburton mentioned, getting to Radial weight is already a stretch for most athletic women, a heavy weight women's class isn't necessary. Regarding number of events, sailing (WS) is in a fight to keep itself as an Olympic sport. The IOC also feels the need to try and keep itself relevant in the modern sporting climate. Being only once every four years, it's hard to gain that much attention when sports fans can watch the NBA, Premier League etc yearly and get just as much drama. With that said, the IOC feel the need to 'modernise' to attract younger viewers and continue to offer a competit
  11. Here's all the fees for those of you who have been debating about them. https://psasailing.com.au/pages/ilca-faqs
  12. Depends on the year, and the timing in the quad. In general, regattas that we would use a new sail for; - Palma - Hyeres - Laser Europeans - Laser Worlds - Japan World Cup - Nationals Then depending on if you go to Miami, or want to use a new sail for a regatta like Sail Melbourne, that's a few more. If you're doing some high level training camps/coaches regattas, you'd also use a new sail for them as well
  13. Coming from someone who has campaigned for the last four years, I'll give you a rough estimate. Boat - usually 1 per year, depends a bit on which events you want to do. For those of us not from Europe, this usually means having at least 1 boat in Europe, and one at home. Depending on what sort of deal you get (some national teams have sponsorship type arrangements with builders/dealers), you'll look to spend 6000 euros on a boat roughly + 1500 in freight/import taxes sending it to the EU. As an Aussie, you can recoup a lot of that by selling the boat at the end of the season. Sails -
  14. Since it hasn't been mentioned in the thread yet (much to my surprise), and despite what many are saying here about PSA making a fortune from the FRAND situation, PSA recently sent out an email to all their dealers expressing their concern about the number of new builders being approved by ILCA. Both PSA and PSJ told ILCA that the market could only handle 3 additional builders. The email was essentially telling dealers to prepare for a price war, and that PSA expected to be fine in the short term, but are worried about the future
  15. @SimonN Your guess is exactly what I was thinking. I think at this point it's just become an ego war for LP/Rastegar. I'm sure he thinks he'll be able to win in court.
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