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  1. On the 10r I beercan race with (generally) 5 crew...... Updated rudder. Base of mast in center position. 4-6 inches of mast pre-bend. Lighten the aft end of the boat, especially in light air.(toss tactician overboard) Store spare sails at base of mast, generally keep weight over the keel to reduce pitching. Use rail meat to control bow up/down and heel. Sails best relatively flat, 8-10 degrees heel max. 10-12 knots of wind is when we change from 130 jib to 105 jib. Jib barber haulers for 105 jib to be able to sheet well inboard. 12-15 knots is when
  2. Drift alert.....! Have you tried....? Very tasty.... Now back to the thread.
  3. Oh great, someone misplaced Rimas...... The Malaita Gastronomical Society-Women's Auxillary is officially disappointed.
  4. I've been trying to simulate sailing for 50 years....
  5. Fat girls and mopeds.... All fun until your friends catch you riding one.
  6. Time for a musical interlude...... Now, back to the thread......
  7. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor......?
  8. At least make him clean up the beach where his project washed ashore...
  9. Was it the end when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor......?
  10. I submit for consideration; The Marx Brothers classic: "Duck Soup". This is an 85 year old movie that should be required viewing for anyone aspiring to politics as a career.... This movie has it all, and could have been ripped from today's news... Political intrigue Social/sexual intrigue Intrigue intrigue Spies, Honey Traps, beastiality European history Cultural differences American history Misogyny Bigotry Hot babes with power( Margaret Dumont) Misunderstanding leading to war Short enough for those of us with late ons
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