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  1. Which boat goes the fastest? The one on which you are not sitting, of course. Something like the fastest cashier check-out line is inevitably the one in which you are not standing. All of the other lines, actually.
  2. Your own face, in order to put yourself out of the inevitable misery from the now truly irritated Griz?
  3. Um, DDW, you've owned multiple boats. Your good judgment clearly disappeared many years ago. Personally, I've spend a LOT of time in bear country, for fun and for work (I'm a biologist ... well, at least I was a biologist until I became a manager, at which time I stopped doing any 'real' work ). I've had many, many close encounters. But I've never had a 'problem' with a bear. Maybe this is as much luck as it is situational-awareness. It seems that Grizzly bears have a reputation as slavering demons. But it also seems that 'bad' encounters with Grizzly bears are: i) extre
  4. If that 6inch green hose is actually leading from the head to the blackwater tank, then they are certainly expecting big things (get it ... 'big things') from the crew. Although I'd hate to listen to the screams when that happens. As for that porthole, perhaps they are hoping to get some big wind (oh, but I'm horrid with my double entendres ) into the sails.
  5. And indeed it seems that they are sharing their brain-trust. Check out sailpuffin.com. Specifically, the entry on May 18, 2019 ('Chasing Performance', section titled 'Help from Gunboat'), in which they talk about shared hull construction/infusion technology.. And then the entry on June 29, 2019 ('A Green Puffin', section titled 'Solar Power'), in which they talk about using some similar equipment. FYI, Sail Puffin is a newly built Outremer 4X. It was built for the former owners of Sail Wildling (sailwildling.com), an Outremer 5X.
  6. DDW, every time that I pass your boat I hear you loudly, wishfully, playing the Pink Floyd song that has the words: Ooh, I need a dirty woman Ooh, I need a dirty girl Will some woman in this desert land Make me feel like a real man? So is it any wonder that your lines feel the same craving way???? (p.s., you really should take some singing lessons; because your sing-along voice is several keys <octaves?> too high )
  7. I'm unclear <pun intended> as to what your peccadillo with women's make-up has to do with anythi... Oh, wait; my bad. <My standard peace offering: ; Ask DDW to explain it, if necessary>
  8. Yeah, yeah, yeah; details, details. So I took some poetic licence . Otters ARE cute as the dickens. And that picture is what I could quickly get my hands on earlier today. But I'm home now. So I pulled out some of my OWN pictures, in order to show that yes, I am familiar with Sea Lions. Also, to show that while it is true that I am currently land-locked, I was once very familiar with the West Coast . These next two pictures were taken just off of the Carmanah Point Light Station (CPLS is in the background of the second picture). I took them when I was working as a 'Hiker's Advisor' on
  9. Um, Grith, I know that Funslut suggested that you use a small boat for your travels. But he was on the west coast of Canada, where the most dangerous creature is a gang of these guys (ahhhh, how sweet ): P.s., the population of these guys is growing in Canada. Probably because in Canada we provide good habitat for them (e.g., in the form of bull-rails, which they happily use for sunning; although we provide these as much to peeve DDW as to please the otters) But I'm surprised that you would even consider this alternative, given that you (as you have noted) have to deal with
  10. From the look in her eyes, I think that it is safe to say that she thinks that you are NOT
  11. It's sunny (sort of) in Vancouver.  Who would have thought that that was possible ^_^?  Too bad that the wind has died right down after yesterday's windstorm.  Otherwise I bet that you'd be out on the Sound right now.  You just can't win in Vancouver, can you? :P


  12. I'm reminded of 'Mythical beasts, and where to find them'. In this case of the rare and elusive Sea-unicorn (this particular specimen seemingly sporting a codpiece to counter its own deep sense of insecurity). 'But' - you ask - 'how do we distinguish this from the even more mythical Mer-uni-maid?' Well - answers I in a David Attenborough voice - of course by the lack of a spectacular natural (naturalist?) figurehead gracing the prow I agree: it is shocking that a ship of this style would show its face without such a fanciful embellishment. At the very least, has it not heard of the (non-m
  13. Nah, I'm sure that it is instead just part of DDW's grand plan to sneak into Eastern Canada. He installed a pseudo-bull-rail ((R), patent-pending) onto Jennifer's bottom (no, I don't know if he also spanked Jennifer's round bottom; although I'm sure that he would enjoy doing that ). His next step is to tip Jennifer over the rest of the way (using strong Newfie Screetch, perhaps?). Then he is going to try to sneak into Canada disguised as a Canadian dock. It might be the only way that that pagan, that heathen, that anti-god-of-your-choice ever gets back into our country. We may have to sta
  14. True, I did have to shovel close to 3/4 of an inch of light, powdery winter wonderland snow last night. But I suspect that this was easier to do than you with your flowing mud: "North Vancouver residents ordered to leave mudslide site" at https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/north-vancouver-residents-ordered-to-leave-mudslide-site/article20418772/. And when my dogs came back inside they were happy and clean. Your dogs probably need a bath once an hour. Or are you an ogre, and leave them outside on the deck in the perpetual rain? ("... with more rain expected" at https://globa
  15. DDW, just for you: Life was stupendous Until I did an up-endus with my feets on cleats at a rate of 515k plus 999 instead of what could have been a mere 199 Now throbbing toes remind me that I, DDW, have been stupidendous <p.s., DDW, you do know that I am just having a bit of light hearted fun here, don't you > ooh, ooh, I'd better put in my peace offering:
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