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  1. I believe it was Adrian Newy (f1 designer) who said “the most beautiful cars I’ve designed are the ones that won”
  2. Tom Slingsby is a dual citizen I believe. I thought I read somewhere that his mother is from the Excited States.
  3. I knew I had seen the idea somewhere, and thought it was a photo of a c class. Can you tell us what systems were used to adjust the c class double skin wings back in the day?
  4. Great podcast. I thought the Adrian Finglass episode was good, but then you guys had Dick Sargent and Carl Ryves. Robbie Nash episode will be my commute home today
  5. So what happened to the Invictus boat? Did it survive Falmouth intact? Did it make it to Geneva?
  6. Bump to get it off the bottom of the first page
  7. does anyone know the ciggerette company that used Simply the Best (now dragonfly) and running with scissors in that advert. Would love to see the ad
  8. Some videos of the Aussie scene. These are from the Queensland Champs a couple of years ago (took a while to get hold of the footage). The Queenslanders are the only ones in Australia that race regularly (once a month). I hope to get a camera on the rescue boat for one of the races soon. the Queensland Championships are on again this November
  9. Never hered anyone think of a TP52 as an OD boat. Box Rule, but not OD. Would you say an 18 foot skiff is OD or restricted development?
  10. Why can you not hike legs out without lifelines in the states?
  11. ...perhaps 'one-design' events? Fair call, when there is enough boats, it wont matter. Unless you want to do outside events like Bay to Bay, Surf to city ect.
  12. As far as racing in Australia, The big cabin is the only way you will be able to race in the TY fleet. Do anything else and your classed as a sportsboat by the TYA and not allowed into the ASBA events (length restriction of 6M). So anything other than a big cabin will be a bit of an orphan downunder
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