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  1. jdazey


    One post, one word, and two down votes. You're off to a good start.
  2. Hello CappyJax, This hasn't been gate keeping. So for this thread has been unbelievably supportive. Take another look at Ruminator's reply. BeatmongerZ said "Nothing about this screams anything besides complete unmitigated disaster." This is true just barely short of 100% of the time. Ruminator has provided a carefully thought out way of dodging this bullet if you'll just listen. And if you think this is gate keeping, just be grateful that the regular SA welcoming committee hasn't show up yet asking for pics of your girlfriends tits and calling you a moron.
  3. Be very careful checking parts availability for the engine. I have Yanmar 3jh4te. Over size pistons & rings are not available. Our rebuild was problematic as a result. Running with one engine does not result in significant crabbing once you're up to speed.
  4. We get 6kts on 1/2 gal/hr motoring on one engine at a time with a boat that is longer and easily driven (12:1 hull beam/length). Managing sails on a 40' cat is something that can be worked out for a single hander.
  5. Oh man, you didn't need tell me that. I don't care now and didn't care that much then, but 50+ years??? Argghhh. I'm gonna find another bottle.....or two.
  6. TWA requires Hercules level or better.
  7. You have a newer version of the manual than I have. Downloading now. Thanks for letting me know.
  8. And one of the reasons we ended up trolling in SE for 35 years.
  9. Can't you just change it in a word processor/text editor and then import into B&G? I think the alternative is manually entering the waypoints.
  10. We were there in February, 2018. Being fair, multihulls weren't the only ones languishing. South 40 covers a large area in Le Marin. Lots of boats were half sunk and tied to the mangroves.
  11. Multihulls languishing in Le Marin arin
  12. Got a Yanmar do ya? The 10awg ixed my starter issues too. And yes, I'm another butylist.
  13. Works for Yanks going to CA. Canucks coming south?
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