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  1. Has anyone here actually placed an order for a Rapido? Apparently Paul is doing well as the next slot has a delivery of 1st quarter 2022. I have to say that he was very quick responding to my email asking for info.
  2. Yeah, boats can be a great investment in other than financial terms, but perhaps not the best collateral. The only difficult time in our 40 year marriage was when we didn't have a boat. It didn't take long to solve that problem.
  3. If you're considering a full repaint, you might look at something a bit more forgiving like Perfection or Alexseal. We're probably repainting in the Fall. We won't paint with AG again.
  4. Appreciated just the same.
  5. Well for sure I'm no expert, but answers to: 1. I don't quite know what you mean. We have an asymmetric that we fly down to around 165 apparent. 2. We use a sock. 3. Say 15 kts true. 4. Sue puts the boat on ap and releases the tack and sheet alternately as I pull the sock down. I generally unfurl the jib close sheeted and drop in the lee of the jib. We have a 48" cat.
  6. Yeah, despite being vaccinated, we're keeping our guard up, masking, keeping our distance. WA is spiking along with OR and CO where we have family. Some counties in WA are going backwards in reopening phases.
  7. Smiths with the interchangeable lens
  8. I've got H5000 Herc, graphic display, and Zeus 3. So far the graphic display has just gone along for the ride. Calibration is done through web interface (IP address is in the manual iirc) and most everything can be done through the Zeus including offsets and source selection. Nick says it's preferable to do calibration through H5000 rather than Expedition. Achillefs at CME was very helpful getting everything working.
  9. At least not in the way that Rapidos and Dragonflys are.
  10. Going all those places on a Catalina 22 will be a great adventure, enough to justify all the pain of maintaining it. I'd love to be back in the water May 1, but I doubt I can make it by then.
  11. Well we'll regroup in Poulsbo before heading out the Straits and across. We did a sprint through BC last year stopping only twice and carefully observing protocols. That was with a destination in Southeast. Return was offshore from Sitka. This years we'll go across and perhaps do BC on the return Covid willing.
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