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  1. Aka panis and completely consistent with the fat bastard known as...... ok stopping myself
  2. All solid advice as we are creeping towards a similar new purchase. SO after all you learned would you do it again?
  3. Agree to all your thoughts. And goodness knows we have utilized other resources to inform our thoughts. In our case the shows have been an EASY way to touch and feel the product as well as discover smaller brands we would not have been exposed to in other formats (internet). For us they have been very helpful so I guess I’m just projecting my experience onto a more global condition
  4. We went to a series of shows last year including Annapolis. We have narrowed the list but are now unable to travel internationally to, sail our short list, visit factories/yards, and move the process forward. The cancellation of these events would appear to have tons of downstream economic implications and I wonder what The industry will look like in a few years? Will small manufacturers bridge the intervening period from when they show their goods again to when the next series of orders hit their books?
  5. Or similar j/108. I happen to like them both
  6. Shallow draft: Your correct but specific to us - home port is PDX. The Columbia is a beautiful place to cruise so shallow water capability is a big plus for us. That noted the boat will spend equal time in areas that this is not a concern and the deeper draft of a mono would not be a negative.
  7. Transport: Oh the pain ........ if not a cat, likely mono candidates are from EU so transport built into budget but not so fun. Regardless I think your spot on as this adds significantly to budget and frequently not mentioned.
  8. I think in our area (PNW) this is true but simply part of it if your going to play with bigger toys.
  9. Indeed - we know we will sail our home waters (PNW et al) but would like to take the left turn For a couple seasons - part of what raised the question.
  10. Doing research for our next cruiser. Always mono sailors and have lived/sailed in PNW entire adult life. As we our making our short list for next cruiser, cats keep entering picture but they are not common in PNW. So what are we missing? Cost of moorage etc, lack of trade wind sailing conditions , tradition hmmmmmmm, ........ Plenty of cruisers in our area but very few cats - thoughts?
  11. THANKS Bruce!!!!!!! Amazingly helpful site as we are thinking through the details of our next boat and bottom paint (CC) - a never ending topic. Something I have observed and your testing appears to somewhat confirm is the benefit of a smooth finish when using hard bottom paints. But the effort and cost to get there - yikes. Will be interesting to see results when you return to colder waters. Again - Many Thanks
  12. I love deck salon boats and this might be the prettiest I have seen and lottery winnings would be required. https://www.hinckleyyachts.com/models/sailboats/souwester-53/
  13. We used the same halyard wrap for the same reason but ultimately had the “sock” recut to tailor fit the rolled sail. As others have noted the sock also had lacings to snug the whole thing up. Sunbrella worked great for UV protection of 3di sail but PIA. I’m not a fan of sunbrella sewn to the leach but debating it for our next cruising boat for ease of use - apparently getting old and lazy.
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