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  1. Nice. Always remember the fuel filter set up but relocating the oil filter solid!
  2. I’m fairly certain there is an access panel at the filter locations but confirming this week with HR.
  3. SA/D is 19+…. With the fat ass it has it could be sticky but also comfortable- fair point already noted.
  4. I have been looking at photos and drawings to confirm access to filters belts impeller etc. and you are correct there are side access panels, as well as front and rear access areas to get to these items. Might be tight but doable I’m OK with jenga as long as I win. BTW the new HRs CAN be had without teak decks. They still have teak cap rails and details in the cockpit but I’m willing to deal with that. Funny you can still get a single rudder HR 37.2 but it has teak decks While the new models (340 and 400) can be had with only two rudders with or without teak decks. Plan is to leave it i
  5. This is an HR 400. We are digging into this boat and sorting through its details. I believe the aft facing engine with the sail drive (SD) forward to be a hold over from the 40C a center cockpit design that utilizes the same hull. We are trying to understand trade offs and what we simply do not know. I’m finding very little help from google. Anyone have experience with this setup or random “Cliff Calvin” thoughts to share?
  6. Thought I would share a follow up - Over the last few days we asked this question AGAIN to HR and received a very thoughtful and complete response confirming everything Matagi noted (I'm beginning to wonder if he works for them ) In short the 372 is still a very good boat for them with no plans to replace it soon.
  7. This is something we had not thought about. But it appears to have bulk head at the suggested location not sure its water tight but certain it goes above WL. HMMM
  8. Yes to the RMs JPKS. Great designs inside and out. where did the HR rendering come from?
  9. I appreciate and agree with almost all your thoughts. But we sailed the new HR 340 and it sailed GREAT even with the apartment finishes. We have sailed many boats in this size range over many years and as sailing quality goes I was shocked how good it was and was the primary reason it and the 400 are near the top of our list. HULL technology and build quality is no doubt old school and low tech but good and far better than the Js we have previously owned.
  10. I guess I’m an easy read. We had a 109 and cruised it for long weeks weekends and ultimately wanted better quality and something we could comfortably spend longer time on. Love the utilitarian nature of J boats and nice sailing. Yes a bit nicer finish/build quality is key. The SE37 is beautiful but more day sailor than would fit for us. And the Dehler is new to us - interesting. great suggestions
  11. Re X4:0 From my perspective T bulbs on cruising boats are deal killers. Many other reasons we dropped them from the list but loved the XC38.
  12. We have and another SA friend suggested this exact boat - Love this builder - I really appreciate more contemporary designs and boats that perform but as we have raced less and cruised more, with just 2, we appreciate more easy handling boats that also are a bit more “comfortable”. Our challenge has been that we like lots of boats - it has taken several years to narrow our scope but appear to be getting close.
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