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  1. It's got a boom - Ballenger section. I think the builder found an aluminum mast, boom, and rudder from a standard F-28 (not 28R) and used that to set up the boat.
  2. I'll bite ... new-to-me F25A this year. Learning the boat, put up screacher for the first time the other weekend. Unique boat with F-28 mast and extra-long bowsprit Re-named Grateful, sailing out of Muskegon, MI.
  3. Bay City or other races on Lake Michigan/Lake Huron would be fun with as many G32s as possible! I'm in for trying to make it work if I don't sell before then!
  4. I've wondered about water getting in at the chainplate mid-hull where the righting system wire attaches. My G32 in Michigan gets garaged over the winter so I don't worry much about water and freezing. I would guess that if you keep the bailers open and have a little ventilation any water that did freeze wouldn't be enough to break anything. Just my 2c.
  5. Agree with Russell that the water ballast takes some thought and planning. It can be a pain if wind is up and then lets up because I've found that having enough speed (~5-6knts or so) is important to help it drain. I've also had some trouble keeping the tanks sealed from the top (plexiglass covers) and my water level gauges don't work, so I try to reef before I turn to ballast myself. (Any tips on sealing those covers?) I do love the 'insurance' of the water ballast though and it allows me to confidently single hand in a lot of different weather.
  6. Thanks! I think it's the original one that came with the boat, so it's a bit tired. I haven't seen a larger roach main, but I don't feel like I need more power much of the time as it is.
  7. As Guerdon mentioned, Grateful is in West Michigan, sailing out of Muskegon IMG_0779 (1).HEIC
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