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  1. This may or may not be helpful writing by Al Wigginton ex owner builder Dragonfly 65' Catamaran part of article from Latitude 38 article. Al and Jill Wigginton Building and Cruising a Big Cat (Indianapolis, IA / Livermore, CA) Some readers may be surprised to learn that prior to committing to the huge boatbuilding project, Jill's and my sailing experience consisted of a one-week charter and a few hours on a Hobie Cat and on a Laser. Our two primary considerations were that our cat be able to handle rough weather, and that she could be sailed by just the two of us. We chose the Ku
  2. As it would be as I drove around the corner to find the boat building yard of Davie Norris to thank him for directing me to the Composites Group for some insight a boat in parts was being resecured to trailer in transit back to Farrier Marine from Composites Group. That's as much as I know until I push buy. My only advice is do your own research as all isn't as it seems for whatever reason, there were many more comments passed on around Christchurch but it would be a book. Why didn't I go to Farriers workshop this trip, because I keep getting the same story I've been getting since th
  3. This was my first contact with Rob instead of Ian that gave hope that delivery could be prompt. RD Robin Densem <rob.d@f-boat.com> Fri 23/02/2018 3:33 p.m. Inbox
  4. There are definitely more issues than meet the eye here. I am at the stage of pushing the buy button on the F-22 however the gut feeling is that all still isn't as the blurb I was receiving from Ian pre his passing and at a factory visit in the early stage of developement in 2012 and then correspondence with Rob post Ian passing and public posts in Farrier marine news has one believe. On my recent trip back home to NZ I decided to go to Christchurch and ask around. I visited a local composites company "Composites Group" who had again just started building hulls decks and liners plus trail
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