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  1. I thought there was a diagram of the cascading backstay on the Class website.
  2. If you tighten the cap shrouds won't the mast bend loosen the forestay on Frac? I think you could loosen the cap shrouds and tighten the lowers -- but if the rig is tuned as per Jib Beam's photo then I would focus on just getting the jib sheeted in first.
  3. My genoa is two inches off the spreader when I'm closehauled (the No.2 is right on the spread. Can't you get it in closer?
  4. How far off the speader is your gennie? You could have too much sag in the forestay.
  5. I have been using butyl tape which makes removing and resealing very easy.
  6. Have the holes for the bolts that secure the clutches been epoxied to prevent core damage? If not, stopping the leak by any means other the rebedding the clutch would seem to assure core damage. And in any case, if the clutches were propperly bedded they wouldn't leak so I can't see not rebbeding them.
  7. What model J-Boat? It seems odd that the moisture would creep up from the toe rail into the cored area of the deck. Leaks from the unbedded toe rail would typically down into the boat as it does on my J-29. If the core is wet, it's usually from deck hardware or the chainplate. I don't think moisture meter readings can be trusted 100%. It would be great if you could drill a 1/4" hole in the fiberglass and see the actual condition of the balsa. Or remove the hardware closest to the wet spot.
  8. It looks really good. And, its nice to be able to remove the cubby if you ever need to...
  9. Looks very similar to the one I bought, but you aren't screwing it in -- did you just rely on epoxy or 5200?
  10. The outboard bracket is to the side so access to that isn’t affected.
  11. It doesn’t go so far back that you can’t easily get a wrench on the nuts. Or you could remove it and get to the nuts from the cockpit without having to crawl past the quarter berth to the transom.
  12. The guys email address is Cliffruckstuhl@att.net I epoxied a support brace in the back of the cubby.
  13. No reason to put the gasoline in the cabin. Cliff sold me a fuel cubby a few years ago that creates a fiberglass bin in the aft wall of the cockpit. Fits my autohelm a three gallon fuel tank and a six pack. I can get you some specifics if you want.
  14. Looking to buy a mainsail and genoa for a J/29 frac rig. I need them in good enough condition for some club racing. Boat's on Long Island Sound and has roller furling (although I can have the sail converted). Thanks for any leads.
  15. There’s a marine salvage place in Boston that I think has one. I took the gooseneck off it last year.
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