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  1. @lydia What insurer(s) have you found more competitively priced than Nautilus? Any advice on who you ended up choosing? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi all, So my insurance company (Nautilus) is more than doubling my insurance premium rate this year. I've had good experiences with Nautilus in the past so I asked them why my rate was doubling. Nautilus said that they have lost their relationship with Australian Sailing which apparently subsidized their insurance policies in the past making them cheap for the quality. I wrote Australian Sailing and they confirmed what Nautilus said, but didn't say anything about what new insurance company they may be switching to. Does anybody have insider knowledge on what insurance company(s) ha
  3. (in a Donald Trump voice) It was the biggest sailing regatta the world has ever seen!
  4. @DialedN_07 If you listen to @dave202 too much, he'll eventually convince you to move to Australia for Hobie 16 sailing...
  5. Hi all, I just wanted to start a thread to hear some good stories. In your sailing career so far, what's that sailing moment which you will remember forever? Could be anything. Winning your first race, hydrofoiling, finally having sex with your high school crush on your dad's boat, the first time you finally successfully tacked your catamaran, first time on the trapeze, when your friend died on the ocean crossing, or being in the eye of a hurricane. Let's hear some great stories!
  6. Hi Weta Fleet, I am active in the Hobie 16 fleet in Auckland. I'm trying to put together some beach cat/trimaran regattas going, so I'd like to reach out to someone in the NZ weta fleet. Hopefully the paper tiger and A-cat guys might also be keen to have joint regattas where all the local beach cat/trimaran boats compete. They commonly do this type of stuff in America and Australia, but I've noticed ever since moving to NZ that it's quite separate here. Someone in the NZ Weta fleet please PM me. Thanks.
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