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  1. From the Reddit Sysadmin page, an analysis of the problem:
  2. At least the price checks out? https://kenai.craigslist.org/boa/d/homer-52ft-catamaran-wooden-sailboat/7379113894.html
  3. Same here. I've got a Leaf up in Alaska, and only see 45 miles of range in mid winter vs 75 in summer. The Leaf can still do 80% of our driving, but leaves a lot to be desired. Next summer should see grant-funded chargers being installed in a half dozen locations on the main highway. I've had to tow this car up and down the highway twice already just to use it in another location. AARGH. I'd like to go gasless as soon as feasible. The reduction in maintenance has been wonderful, although the '86 Saab is quite happy to fill that gap in my time.
  4. Project Chariot - another Edward Teller special.
  5. Here's a request- put a damn muffler on that traveler! I wanted Luna Rossa to win largely because sailing should involve being able to hear the wind and waves. I tried to show a race to the wife and that lasted about 3 seconds. One blast of traveler and that was over and done. One more thought- do we actually need chase boats running along behind at all times? Is there no way to keep the powerboats on the side of the course at intervals? At least it would give the impression burning a little less fuel for a sailboat race. Obviously safety issues to consider, but it would be nice t
  6. Nicely maintained: https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/d/nordland-columbia-sabre/7287530688.html
  7. Oh dear... we are well off course now, although that does resemble the local Alaskan fauna. Kenny was on the right track. I think the better answer is to change to a different boat. I'm really liking the idea of an International 210. Minor problem, the closest available is a mere 4,802 miles away. Anyone know of an I 210 for sale on the west coast? Followup question: is it poor form to haul an I210 this far away from all its brothers and sisters? I doubt it would ever cross paths with a 210 fleet again.
  8. Finally a topic I know something about. You can't beat skin on frame in a kayak. Super tough and half the weight. Perfectly happy being dragged up the beach if necessary.
  9. Interesting boom setup on this one. Looks like a boat I would enjoy.
  10. Lacking a "build it" anarchy forum, here's a thought that keeps circling back to me. I read an interesting article about the Venus’ flower basket sponge a while back, which uses a unique form of glass strands woven into a lattice to form a structure that is superior in standing up to compression than the lattice designs we've previously known. It's nature's version of a skyscraper perfected over millennia. I immediately imagined a mast built from carbon fibers in this lattice. Maybe buried inside a dual skin wing sail so wind resistance is less of an issue- but getting way ahead of mys
  11. Whoops I missed that one being mentioned earlier. Good point about comfort- have to agree there. Squeezing into that interior looks like a young person's game also. And seniors certainly don't need lifelines or pulpits, right?
  12. It's like somebody read the title of this thread. "KISS22: The daysailer for every senior racing sailer" https://www.kiss22-daysailer.info/
  13. Here's 24kWh for only $4,600. Just needs a little rewiring. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nissan-leaf-Lithium-ion-Battery-Pack-lithium-very-good-solar-or-swap-upgrade/254827305428?hash=item3b54e419d4:g:Rh4AAOSw2gpcia7H
  14. They seem right by my gut. I think I got 8 miles from a trolling motor on 2 old 12 volt batteries at about 4 knots. Theoretical 2.4kWh, but less depth of discharge. 1.2 kWh of useful energy maybe. 1/6th the energy, that's where I guessed 50 miles. But my own mileage estimate was probably skewed and over optimistic. Wind, current, and weight onboard will affect range more than perfect theory in real life anyways.
  15. Got it, appreciate the math. As long as the goal is to motor for under 10 miles for a weekend, that'll do nicely. With any weather luck (or planning), the battery remains mostly full all the time, with a comfortable 20 miles of motoring range. I'd be ok at that capacity to ditch the outboard, and wouldn't want a diesel either. My use case is particular, of course. The ease of it all seems attractive for people with limited time or knowledge. That's a big pool of folks (perhaps underrepresented here).
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