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  1. you can submerge an ama on an F9/F31 without too much drama. They just keep trucking straight on...
  2. If you want real world weights rather than designer estimates check out the MYCQ OMR page http://www.mycq.org.au/omr/omr-ratings and filter the F9/F31's out of the spreadsheet. These are actual load cell weights, all up racing weight. There are a few double ups with the same boat appearing more than once but the data is basically sound. Mixture of foam (e.g. Hawkeye) cedar (e.g. Goldfinger) and balsa core (e.g. Tearaway) boats there. Weight is all up racing weight, i.e. everything but the crew. Average is 2096kg, which includes a few light and heavy outliers. 2000 kg to 2050 kg would be a
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