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  1. Fixed Sprit is an option, as is an A2 and code 0. I plan to sail one next week.
  2. Anybody race with a top down furler on an A2 spin? Looking for ways to fly a 100 S/M asymmetric when sailing short handed and want to know how well it actually works. All the videos are in flat water w/o a headsail.
  3. By cold northern lake I mean Maine, so a dry boat with low capsize potential for sailing with inexperienced crew, and sailing through the cool fall weather.
  4. The Vanguard Nomad or RS Venture look interesting. Anybody have experience with these, either ramp launching or trailer sailing? Also, this is for 2 adults and need to be able to mount a torqueedo, and roller curling jib would be nice. I have a VX1 but the bolted down, 4.5' draft lifting keel would probably get destroyed on the rocks in this lake.
  5. Need a centerboard boat for a cold northern lake. Can either keep the boat on a mooring and dingy out to the boat, or trailer it 1 mile to the boat ramp. Would prefer the mooring but concerned about trying to get from an 8' zodiac into the boat without going for a swim, so the boat needs to be very stable. If trailer sailing the boat needs to be quick set-up at the ramp. Something modern with set-bailing cockpit and assy on a sprit would be ideal, but this is just for afternoon daysailing so performance not the priority. Suggestions?
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