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  1. I would invest in a dock fender or two. Bene worked hard to make that joint as pretty as possible, I think anything you could add to protect it are going to take away from the looks. That and maybe move the dock box (if possible).
  2. I always use Sika Primer and Sika 295 UV (in lieu of Dow 795) with VHB tape. The sika primer does a great job etching the plastic (but we sand with 120 grit first)
  3. Harken’s Element blocks are nice kit too
  4. https://l-36.com/low_friction_rings.php
  5. We just did a set of stripes on a Tanzer 10.5 with it (and the rolling additive). Covers really well and I was pretty pleased with the finish. The colours we used covered super well so a little paint went a long way. My guy painting was in the yard in the direct sun so we got some light stippling — but very acceptable finish for stripes. 3 coats in an afternoon following the mfg directions. The stuff does manage to get under tape lines really well, so I will be trying a different masking tape next time.
  6. Based on the amount of laminate he added, I wouldn’t be worried.
  7. Someone needs to take the Island Packet gel coat colour out behind the barn.....
  8. Definitely repair. I don’t know if you can find anything that is the same weight that would work.
  9. Team butyl is out of control. Boatlife LifeSeal is super easy to clean up
  10. I would also be concerned with any flex that might happen from weight the cockpit being applied to the box. I guess have someone jump around in the back and see how tender it is before mating the two.
  11. Vacuum bagging butyl. I hate butyl, please do not consider me part of the cult.
  12. Correct. My concern on the main sheet side is side loading the eyestrap during a hard gybe. Boom is long gone so I guess time will tell...
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