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  1. I've seen really bad blistering on a FE boat as well...
  2. Freedom XC are nice units. Not really serviceable if anything fails, but not much is anymore. I would recommend.
  3. I’m working on an internal 8:1 outhaul for a pretty small boat/boom/main (a little over 120 sq. ft.) The boat is end boom sheeted with an 8:1 vang. The owner has a pair of forged (not stamped) eye straps for both main attachment and vang. They both have curved to match profile #10 (~1”) fender washers and nylocks on the inside of the boom everything looks well insulated. The boom hasn’t seen much use so these attachments are still untested. Boom is pretty much round in this area with an estimated 3/32 wall thickness in this area. In the opinion of the SA engineers is this sufficient?
  4. 11mm sounds perfect. I also wouldn’t be surprised if your breaking point in the whole system is hardware limited - rather than the line (Warpspeed II)
  5. I think it would be insulting to speculate why he’s selling, if he wanted to tell us I believe he would have.
  6. VC17 will be the better bottom. Over a good barrier coat job VC17 doesn’t need burnishing
  7. Agreed. It pains me to watch him work on his boat. His LA -> Hawaii video was great but the new boat is looking rougher and rougher with each project.
  8. We install Jabsco’s, no complaints. Easy rebuild when necessary, affordable
  9. 200kg seems pretty reasonable to me
  10. I periodically throw one drop in mine
  11. If you place a LFR or a single high load block on the end of your boom, you could then cascade down to the hardware that you already have, thus reducing the load.
  12. Are you sure the hull/deck joint hasn’t been compromised?
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