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  1. I think it also depends on how you prepped the keel/lead. It needs a good 80grit on the RO, acetone wipe and then begin sealing with an epoxy/epoxy based paint like Interprotect 2000
  2. Same here, except we immediately coat with IP2000
  3. I’m going to just drop this here: Take from it what you will in regards to their experience.
  4. FYI, got the email that the new puck is available to be purchased from Velocitek
  5. If it were my boat, 5/16” Amsteel Blue
  6. My notch differs to yours, it’s wider and flatter — multipurpose, which allows halyard tails to be led in. I’m not paying you squat, Zonk
  7. https://24hoursoflemons.com $500 value limit (not including safety equipment)
  8. 16 rolls of white electrical tape in various stages of use
  9. I have a little notch cut in the top corner of my drop boards for halyard tails and an extension cord to drop into the boat for this reason. I think it really depends on what your yacht club/marina is comfortable with, but there is technically nothing wrong with either the extension cord into the boat, or the Marinco inlet — and letting the GFCI on the post protect the cord.
  10. Burley you’re starting to sound/look like the troll here. This isn’t a good look for LightSpeed, and you aren’t helping. Now, go ahead and attack my credentials…
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