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  1. This. Glassing the exposed edge of the deck sandwich sounds tedious and prone to failure.
  2. Big dick energy Zonk, respect. This is how we do them (out of the water), I don’t bother bother trying to wrench when a client has hired us to replace.
  3. I remember seeing one at Annapolis is '18. Looked like a really well thought out and rugged boat. Would like to sail one...
  4. If I can add, I have had only one ratchamatic (2 year old) fail on my boat (24', under rigged) and Harken mailed me a replacement with almost no questions asked. Reason it failed? Crew ran spring line through it to a cam (doh)
  5. Ratchamatic are preferable as they with no load will run freely (smoother douses)
  6. I use a fine cut wood blade on the table saw all the time with acrylic. I leave a 16th and sand it the rest of the way with a stationary belt sander.
  7. I’m in the industry, they did really well.
  8. We use a 5gal bucket. Disconnect raw water in from thru-hull. Run a hose to it, run engine to temp while maintaining water level in bucket. Once warmed up, allow engine to suck last of water and replace with ENGINE RATED antifreeze. Most pink shit is not good for engines — check the label.
  9. What about just doing a notch (hole saw + two vertical cuts with a jig saw) to ease access to the key?
  10. Ian, she looks fantastic! Please keep us posted on the deck paint, as those little 2k cans are attractive for many reasons. The deck hardware looks really well thought out. Specifically, can I (or we) get some more detail on that bracket for the Harken 150 to STB of the companionway. Looking forward to seeing the interior/electrical.
  11. We have certainly beat the proverbial dead (uncharged) horse on this one, gentlemen.
  12. Interested in coming north of the border (Montreal)? Your dollar will go a lot further… message me if so.
  13. I think it also depends on how you prepped the keel/lead. It needs a good 80grit on the RO, acetone wipe and then begin sealing with an epoxy/epoxy based paint like Interprotect 2000
  14. Same here, except we immediately coat with IP2000
  15. I’m going to just drop this here: Take from it what you will in regards to their experience.
  16. FYI, got the email that the new puck is available to be purchased from Velocitek
  17. My notch differs to yours, it’s wider and flatter — multipurpose, which allows halyard tails to be led in. I’m not paying you squat, Zonk
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