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  1. Go back to Portland kooks!
  2. Get a Cal 34. Gift rating, light loads, cheap sails, nice interior, easy maintenance, doesn’t matter if you sink it and or hit someone. Also they track really well and essentially sail themselves. Just get used to being in the back.
  3. For a moment I thought this was the new AC strategy...Use the 1980's AC boats and wait until everyone nose dives in their first or second tack. I suppose it's the last man standing approach. https://sailinganarchy.com/2020/09/20/doggy-dogg/
  4. Get some Hanks, preferably Whichard. On a recent single handed race did two sail changes and never had a problem. Many of the roller furling or foil guys going double handed lost their sails overboard. WWSHD...What would Stan Honey Do
  5. Fact. Everytime you get barreled you'll hear Ted Nugent's stanglehold, and nothing else
  6. We need a good personality and rivalry to stir up the emotions and get people interested. Where's Connor 2.0?
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