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  1. Sure sounds like you have some very disturbing pedophile fantasies, Mr. Controversial; better seek psychiatric treatment ASAP before the police check the contents of your computer hard drive.
  2. Facts will never convince climate change and plague denier assholes on this forum, the likes of jackoff and genoa salami. We have entered the age of plague; there is no going back to the pre pandemic norms.
  3. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2014/j-boats-j-88-3607539/ https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2014/j-boats-j-88-3176552/ Cheap asking price for well equipped new generation J boats .
  4. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2001/j-boats-j-120-3505959/ Asking $49,282 for 2001 J/120 after $10,367 price drop on March 25. Compare this boat to the asking price of $155,000 from a 2 boat owner on SA Classifieds.
  5. More than 5 days without a single post on J/Boat Forum is another sign of the economic depression.
  6. What happened to your "California Discount" ?
  7. It must have been divine providence that intervened in about dozen boat deals that I closed without brokers.
  8. It appears that Porgie gets under Jackoff's skin much more than MSM makes Trump tweet.
  9. Since most brokers resist providing sale price data to the public, in order to maintain an iota of credibility at the very least they should specify whether the boat was donated or sold. This is why I recommend for the buyers to directly deal with the sellers whenever possible and avoid brokers like the plague.
  10. Asking prices for some J/105s have declined as much but have not resulted in sales. Shame on the unscrupulous dealer who reported one J/105 as sold when it was actually donated to the Naval Academy.
  11. The only thing that you trigger is your huge asshole whenever you gape it. Your spouse must be proud of you, NOT !
  12. I sympathize with your wife having endured the huge anus of a husband she should have never married.
  13. Never mind that they are financially sound, this club BOD increased annual dues for 2020 despite being repeatedly warned that as many as 40% of the paying members may not renew. CCYC 2018-362046563-1102745a-9O.pdf
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