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  1. Stan’s the man. As well as the rest of the crew.
  2. Gotta like the beauty tied up to it as well. $5,500... Those must be metric dollars.
  3. I used to see this a lot as a kid growing up in MI
  4. Better to screw up your courage than the boat.
  5. Alexa, what's our course? or A new take on "On your knees b**ch"
  6. Terrible ending for a nice boat
  7. Who is this Roberts designer I see a lot of recently?
  8. Whatever happened to the "boat" that had the organ?
  9. @FINSThank You. I grew up in your town. Went to GPSHS. Cheers.
  10. 2nd in their division. It was definitely a drifter this year.
  11. @Kris Cringle It’s the poop deck pup. Great photos.
  12. Look at this way. The eye candy at the helm will draw attention away from the the scratched hull. Sorry ‘bout mate.
  13. @Essex Didn't look there but I found a site with them listed. She was also named Renegade at one time.
  14. BLASPHEMY! Get there behind me. (Good find, @Ishmael)
  15. Since we're talking about boats would a "flotilla" fit the bill?
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