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  1. Stan’s the man. As well as the rest of the crew.
  2. Gotta like the beauty tied up to it as well. $5,500... Those must be metric dollars.
  3. I used to see this a lot as a kid growing up in MI
  4. D-Splicer has fixed handles as well that go up to 10mm. I really like those. Selma fids work great as well. But not with Dyneema
  5. Better to screw up your courage than the boat.
  6. Alexa, what's our course? or A new take on "On your knees b**ch"
  7. What's wrong with Grosse Pointe? Grew up there. Lake Saint Claire isn't a bad lake for sailing.
  8. Terrible ending for a nice boat
  9. @ropetrick I suppose one can’t trust the tracker. I’m bummed for’m too. Tim is a good guy. Went to HS with him
  10. A good friend of mine won J. If I am seeing correct he may have corrected out to an overall bullet. Fast Tango. NA 40
  11. Might have a look at a Seafarer 29 or 30. Solid boats. I'm partial.
  12. Who is this Roberts designer I see a lot of recently?
  13. Whatever happened to the "boat" that had the organ?
  14. And scoring more runs in baseball
  15. @FINSThank You. I grew up in your town. Went to GPSHS. Cheers.
  16. 2nd in their division. It was definitely a drifter this year.
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