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  1. Paint a tiger on the bow and it's good to go.
  2. At least it would qualify for the Ugly Dodger Club.... And the tiger skin cushions are to die for. Such value!
  3. Holy Moly..... Hope you're okay. Did you get to keep the meat?
  4. I know this is in J-Boat Anarchy but it deserves a place here. https://dallas.craigslist.org/mdf/boa/d/victoria-41/6804359207.html
  5. How can he know it's super fast if he never uses it?
  6. I’d only go near that in a hazmat suit. That could be a superfund site in the near future. Or photos for a book titled “How not to store your boat”.
  7. Well then, there you go. Let’s go sailing!
  8. Joomla is a good CRM. Have you looked at it before? https://www.joomla.org/
  9. Ooops, my bad. Thank you for straightening me out.
  10. Speaking of the Canada's Cup. Whatever happened to Agape? Other than getting it's butt kicked. I believe in 1978.
  11. Sounds like those would be illegal down here in Texas.
  12. Would cottage cheese be considered cheese curds? That poutine sounds like a good dish for a cold winters night.
  13. Lets just hope he's not "adrift". Seems to be a nice fella.
  14. I would think that if moved to a ships yard or a marina then a mast,sails, and engine would be close. Unfortunately they would be owned by others.
  15. Bob, What else is being done to the boat to make it more accessible for the person in the chair? This boat may need a thread of it's own. Is this something that the Bett's yard would build?
  16. I do hope that he is okay. I have subscribed to his channel and looked forward to the new vids he posts. He replied to one of my comments and let me in on how to make a proper English breakfast.
  17. One of the main things I like about Mr. Perry is that he's not afraid to say "I don't know" then approach those that do to get the needed info. I have been in the tech field for quite some time and one thing about the type of people I work work with some like to act like a know it all and if you don't agree with them they think you're an idiot. Hey, we've run into a few people here that are exactly like that. Keep up the good work Mr. Perry. And no I am not an ass-kisser. Just giving props where props are due. Jim
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