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  1. It's nice that you brought her back to life
  2. Mr. Zombie to the white phone please. Mr. Zombie?
  3. Being masted is illegal where I live.
  4. You should write a book. Great stories.
  5. Grew up on the Great Lakes in the Detroit area. This was always one of my favorite boats. Dick Carter design NA 40. I am sure @Cal20sailor is familiar with these. Hull #4, built 1978. She is currently getting ready to race in the Chi/Mac. Then down to Port Huron for the BYC Mac. Went to school with the owner. Oh, he has got 12 trophies in the Chi/Mac on FT.
  6. Same PHRF as my SeaFarer 26. But mines in better shape.
  7. What would one call a flock of Zombies?
  8. I wonder if Mr. Perry and he are friends?
  9. @Sail4beer Step away from the Zombies S4B
  10. I could see where a boat like that could be the end of Friendships. “Honey, look what followed me home. Can we keep it?”
  11. @Hukilau It's those damn Democrats causing all this!
  12. @Israel Hands Sure hope it's not a poop. And also, I question the Society. Why do people take pictures of their boat with cleaning supplies scattered all about?
  13. Blasphemer I say, you shall be sent asunder and your skin raked over a thousand miles of the holiest of all holy Bullrails. All hail the most high and mighty Bullrail!
  14. She is sturdy. No balsa core to get wet.
  15. I believe I was the one who misspelled it. Here's Dazy and Marauder at the Weather Mark. Nice painting. '75 Canada's Cup. On mighty Lake Saint Claire.
  16. Ahh, okay. Thanks for sorting that out for me. All in all, I still like the lines of my 4kSB
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