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  1. @Fah Kiew Tu I wish the “Boss” felt that way. At least the boat is keeping me off the streets and out of mischief.
  2. @Kris Cringle It’s the poop deck pup. Great photos.
  3. Look at this way. The eye candy at the helm will draw attention away from the the scratched hull. Sorry ‘bout mate.
  4. @Essex Didn't look there but I found a site with them listed. She was also named Renegade at one time.
  5. @Sail4beerI know, what else will I lose? But the tape was the first thing I’ve lost off of this boat.
  6. BLASPHEMY! Get there behind me. (Good find, @Ishmael)
  7. Sunglasses, a watch, hats, and last weekend a brand new roll of gorilla tape.
  8. The way things are heating up you may be able to retrieve that stuff.
  9. Since we're talking about boats would a "flotilla" fit the bill?
  10. “You’re coming with us or the cat gets it”. That kind of thing? Couldn’t find the purple font.
  11. We’re you Shanhai’d or was this by choice?
  12. @SloopJonB & @py26129. Thank you for both your suggestions. I already have the butyl so I pick door #1. Other than having rubbed Watco teak oil on the pads is there anything else I should use to treat them?
  13. Yep, I planned on doing that. I counter sunk the holes in the top of the winch pads. Now I'm totally confused. Can I use the butyl for all of the sealing or do I need to use 4200 as well? Sorry for being an idiot. LOL.
  14. It's nice that you brought her back to life
  15. @SloopJonB. So a bead of butyl around the bottom of the pads should be sufficient, or cover the bottom of the pad completely? The pads were held down before with I believe 4200. Was very easy to clean up.
  16. @IStream. So a bit of butyl around the screw heads and a bit around where they come out on the bottom of the pad? What do you consider a lite polyurethane?
  17. Mr. Zombie to the white phone please. Mr. Zombie?
  18. Being masted is illegal where I live.
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