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  1. @IStream I have the spinlocks. I'll give your technique a shot. Thank You
  2. Ahhhh, Okay. I am a Bruce fan. Haven't listened to the new album. The boss is the significant other. SWMBO. A Rumpole of the Bailey meme.
  3. @STRI'm not sure I know what you mean by Western Stars.
  4. @IStream Than You. I'll give that a try. If all else fails I can buy a tool for $14. Just want to bend them up.
  5. Any hints on getting split rings back on?
  6. Good news. It was an optical allusion. WooHoo.
  7. Time off is good. Just take it easy and enjoy.
  8. @SpongeDeckSquareFoilUnfortunately I don't have a belt sander. Would this 5 degrees cause a problem?
  9. @SpongeDeckSquareFoilUnfortunately I don't have a belt sander. Would this 5 degrees cause a problem?
  10. Wow, free consultation from one of the best. This is a great place.
  11. Got new winch pads as well. Old ones look to have about a 5 degree angle on the top. New ones are flat. Could run into override problems with the new ones. @SloopJonB Couldn't find 1000 grit sandpaper buy I do have 0000 steel wool. Will that work?
  12. Thanks again. The amount of knowledge here is great!
  13. @SloopJonB I rudely forgot to thank you. Jim
  14. @SloopJonBI see there is spray and tubed white lithium grease. Should I go with the tube?
  15. Also might try https://hollandmarine.com They're up in Ontario. Very friendly, and helpful.
  16. Finally got the little bugger apart. I am doing the main winches as well. I'm very happy with the quality of these.
  17. Thank you, kind sir. Enjoying the new marina. Has a more relaxing feel to. All I need to do now is get the new outboard bracket mounted, drop the mast to sort out the halyards and install the Raymarine electronics and we're good to go. Interior on Zora is spot on. Have you decided on a colour?
  18. I talked to a rough NG friend of mine and he said the same thing. Thank you @CruiserJim
  19. I was thinking that that since the builder used them it would be a good idea to replicate. They are there for a reason.
  20. @IStream Thank you for the recommendations. @CruiserJim. The boat came with them so I thought they were necessary. Tell me more.
  21. @IStreamOrdered new pads. Raw Teak. Recommendations on sealing them?
  22. Advice please. Are these winch pads salvagable?
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