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  1. I bet that the boat would be less expensive. But all kidding aside I do like the looks of that boat.
  2. With a low boom like that wouldn't it be better to be on your knees. (Purple Font).
  3. Could we now call them "Asymmetric" companionways?
  4. That's rather cavalier of them to do such a thing.
  5. Release the "Catken". Sorry.
  6. I hope it doesn't need a lot of money to get back into good shape. Good article about those in the last issue of Old Boat.
  7. ^^^That thing could go in the Zombie Fleet thread. Don't they ever clean those boats?
  8. Did you run off and get hitched without telling us about it? I've seen your better half at the helm. She does very good. Time to start showing SWMBO the ropes, so to speak.
  9. I remember you showing us that a while back. Had a good story as well. Like all of your boats.
  10. Thanks for pointing that out. Looked like a large gas oven/grill to me.
  11. So what was the outcome? What IS the best home vacuum cleaner according to a sociologist and a chemist? Inquiring minds want to know.
  12. Maybe that's a good idea for the people around that type of "boater"? Just a guess.
  13. So in short this describes to a T the Anti-Trump. Just sayin'.
  14. That one is right up your alley. Look at all of the beautiful wood!
  15. Apparently it's for interior decorating. "Hall boat mold". But what's a Hall Boat?
  16. Quite a jaunty sheer line on that one. Or perhaps mamma has educed it out of sure force.
  17. Fine people on both sides. My ass
  18. Proof it’s not a good idea to light up in one of those.
  19. I did that a few times in my younger years.
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