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  1. Blasphemer I say, you shall be sent asunder and your skin raked over a thousand miles of the holiest of all holy Bullrails. All hail the most high and mighty Bullrail!
  2. @PanoramixSpeaking of spring lines. The new skip I am in is for a shorter boat. I noticed today that the wire at the bottom of my sprit was hitting the front of the dock. Spring line worked great. From the bow cleat to the rear cleat on my dock.
  3. Well took the advice of not not cutting holes in the seat backs to access the winches. Climed down into the lockers and got the nuts off. I didn't think I was still this limbre. Not too bad for 61. Let the cleaning begin.
  4. @SloopJonB Y'all know more than me but they seem to be built fairly sturdy. The winch is getting a good mineral spirits soak so I can better see that stinkin' ring. Thanks again SJB.
  5. Sorry. Is this ring like the ones at the top of the winch?
  6. Just remember to stay in the environment and you and the boys should be okay. My current project and flagship. I'm at the age I like cruising. I have removed the obnoxious blob on the foredeck.
  7. Holy Crap.. That's a bad scene. Were many Bimini's lost in that blow? Sorry, I couldn't resist. You on the coast now?
  8. @Cruisin Loser Yes, you and @Sail4beer are right. I can access them through the cockpit lockers. Just not as lithe as I used to be. I'll do it the right way. Thank you for talking me out of holes. Cheers Jim
  9. @Sail4beerI got the drums and the bearings off. There are 4 screws at the base of the winch, then I assume into the winch pads. The screws just spin and don't seem to be loosening. I want to give them a good soak in mineral spirits. But I guess I could leave the bases attached and just soak the bearings, pawls, and springs. But I have seen boats like mine that had cutouts on the seat backs with shelves for storage. But, you know more than I do and I'll follow you're always good advice
  10. Thanks Kevin. Me too. I'm going to drill a 5" hole in the cockpit seat backs to make winch removal easier. See any problems with doing that? It's solid fiberglass. See the attached photo.
  11. Thanks @SloopJohnB. Once I got rid of the mud dauber nest I see what you're talking about. Does it sound on threads in the center part of the winch?
  12. My boat got moved earlier in the week. No damage at all, thank goodness. The new marina is smaller and the docks are more level with the deck. The Boss likes that. Went back to the old marina to check on my dock box but it may be awhile before I get that back. Just happy to have our boat back and she's unscathed.
  13. She is sturdy. No balsa core to get wet.
  14. I believe I was the one who misspelled it. Here's Dazy and Marauder at the Weather Mark. Nice painting. '75 Canada's Cup. On mighty Lake Saint Claire.
  15. Ahh, okay. Thanks for sorting that out for me. All in all, I still like the lines of my 4kSB
  16. In days of old when knights were bold.... Oh, I forgot this is a family site.
  17. Where would the fun be without the "Discussions"?
  18. Don't forget Golden Daisy. She was a looker too.
  19. Here in North Texas we've had some pretty nasty wind events. I haven't seen it this way at all. I've started a thread here about it.
  20. @chester You could be right. Oh well. I like her.
  21. @Hukilau. I do agree that the 31 is a bit more "Classic" looking than mine. Maybe mine is more of a Phil Rhodes design.
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