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  1. Thank you, @IStream. I'll be sure to give a good going over this weekend.
  2. Hooray, my boat is getting moved to another marina today. Fingers crossed all goes as planned. From Eagle Mountain marina to Harbour One marina. Harbour one looks to be better protected.
  3. There is local loft here in the DFW area that I am going to have build me a new main and a 130 headsail. And like @Ajax I get to watch them put it together. Pretty fair prices as well. Just me 2 cents worth. Oh, the loft is mariner sails.
  4. My boat was designed my McCurdy & Rhodes. I wonder who came up with this sheer? I like it's lines.
  5. https://www.fisheriessupply.com/garelick-4-stroke-auxiliary-motor-brackets This is the model I purchased. 71090
  6. Thanks for the good advice. I have a Tohatsu 6.5 4 stroke. I guess if it works good for you aughta work great on mine. Thanks again @mcsailor0303
  7. I think she’s okay. They won’t let us into the marina. Thanks for the kind words. Hey, the interior on Zora is looking great! Keep it up.
  8. I agree. Are you in their neck of the woods? Went through there a few times with my dad years ago
  9. Well, I was able to get the stinkin' drum off after a liberal douching with WD-40. Now the stinkin' thing has a stainless ring at the top so I can't get the bearings off. Anyone want a very old winch? I've already purchased a Lewmar 7 to replace it. Thanks again for all of the advice.
  10. Let's hope it doesn't "rut". We don't need anymore of those things around.
  11. All of the halyards are external but I get your point and thank you for the advice. Don't know when I'll be able to get to the boat as my Marina was thrashed by high winds last Sunday
  12. I think I just need to drop the mast and see what will fit. I purchased rope/wire halyards. Wire is 5/32, rope is 3/8. This worked great on the headsail halyard. Not so much on the main. The rope would go through the sheave/block at the masthead. Thanks again for all of the suggestions.
  13. Don't for get the high wind Bimini sailors.
  14. They are going to move us. Just don’t know when.
  15. Please make it a very high tariff. I’m getting tired of this. Hope the Sunday bad weather cycle breaks this weekend. If this happens again it’s going to be really bad.
  16. Thanks Bull. It's quite the cluster out there.
  17. @PaulK has that right. 3 Weekends ago a woman drowned after the boat she was on heeled over and she was thrown in the water. Years ago, 4th of July, a buddy of mine and me saw some weather come by in and took his C Skow out for a sail. We learned our lesson that day after it turned turtle on us. Guess we need some more rail meat.
  18. I purchased this Garelick. I am wary of drilling holes in my boat but there is a good mechanic on Eagle Mtn. that I am going to use. Sailing would be nice but there's a bit of a jam up at my marina. Don't know when I'll get back out. The marina is going to live stream an update at 3 o'clock on facebook. It's Eagle mountain marina if you care to indulge in the carnage.
  19. And your bimini. << Purple Font
  20. Coming by along nicely. Dropping the mast to run new halyards, clean it up etc. Bought a new outboard mount that will make raising and lowering the motor easier. A/C on a boat is nice
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