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  1. Even the "folks" on Cruiser Forums are being blasphemous. http://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f2/pnw-bull-rail-docking-170473.html
  2. Oh hell, S2HO. Don't give him any ideas. We need to keep him on land for as long as possible. Although the stories of his "passages" are entertaining. But I have never been one to laugh at another's misfortunes. Unlike the Orange Menace in the White House.
  3. Posted a comment on the gogriftme page about enabling a suicide.
  4. On first glace I thought the ice auger was a weed whacker. Now I see.
  5. Holy crap.... The tRumpistas are som sick bloody bastards. Sorry about that Dylan. Asshats, everyone of them.
  6. Thank Goodness I have a four stroke. I’m with Sloop. Fuck’m.
  7. Darn you Ish. Now my mouth is watering. Guess I’ll have a bowl of oatmeal.
  8. Have always been a fan of Peking duck. Unfortunately good Chinese food is hard to find in Texas. MAGA hats and all of that.
  9. This could go into cool boats to admire. Gotta like the duck. I likes ducks.
  10. Burial shroud included at no extra charge.
  11. Interesting I am reading this now. Just watched a bbc video regarding schroeningers formula and how it relates to rogue waves. Linear versus non linear. Was very interesting.
  12. Someone is going to be getting a great deal.
  13. Wow, a side boob. I am in a state of tugidity now. (Sorry, no purple font here). They must get paid by the view. You’d know better than I. Jim
  14. Like most American sit coms. Glad I grew up with Canadian parents and I got a taste of that sense of humor. Then I discovered Monty Python at 13 and it was all down hill from there. Jim
  15. ^^^^ Looks like the opening shot of a terrible american sit-com.
  16. @Norse Horse. Unlike some other intrepid world cruisers we could mention but I dare not speak that name in a thread about Webb.
  17. Insert Purple Font. Must be of French design.
  18. @SpongeDeckSquareFoil. That is blasphemy I say. Evil mounted on the shoulders of all things good. All Hail the Mighty and Good Bull Rail Brother James
  19. Is that one of the Bull Rail high holy days? All Hail The Mighty Bull Rail Yours in the Splinters of Truth Brother James
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