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  1. I’ll probably pull mine end of the summer and get the topsides painted.
  2. And it even has a canon. Shoot those jet skis right off the water. Good find @paps49. Cheers Jim
  3. Hard to tell up from down on that “boat”.
  4. I suppose I am lucky living here in North Texas in a sailing sort of way. Can keep the boat in the drink year ‘round. Now the MAGA hats are another story.
  5. @Bull City I was thinking that the other day as well. Have you been out on the water?
  6. I would bet that they paid him to take it away. $20 + $35 = Nice profit
  7. Could be another case of “Homey, I’ve put the boat up for sale”. As is oft quoted here. Sentimentality will make people do odd things. Jim
  8. Well, just look at the boat I bought. I am think she’s a looker to.
  9. Also all lines run to the wheel and around it. And what do they mean by A Rugged Project boat?
  10. @Bull City. The cupboard is full again. Tried to PM you.
  11. It’s a quanset hut that’s been turned upside down and a mast stuck in it. Engeniois! Is that a word?
  12. If anyone is up to the task it’s you and twinbro. Sending good energy your way. Jim
  13. Nothing wrong with a bit of a ramble. I’m famous for it.
  14. Nope under the tarp and under snow.
  15. I like ke a nice Alberg design. Could that be Mrs. Alberg?
  16. Is there a way to integrate windy and yellow brick?
  17. I cold be wrong but Leo did mention that has someone helping him with the logistics of the project.
  18. Sounds like the proper term for a thinga majiggie. In the Midwest we called things like that a “left handed knuton valve”.
  19. So in Mr. Perry’s world what is a benson?
  20. Who’s the father or are you going the artificial insemination route? Let’s see. Old bloke, new baby, smallish boat, could make for some good footage. I say go for it. I’d pay to see that. I have some clothes from my last pregnancy I can send you. Jim
  21. I didn't watch their videos from the start. Someone up thread said that they had trucked the mast down. Why?
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