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  1. I will probably never sail around the world but this reminds e of the days I would go riding on my motorcycle. Joined a group and it seemed they were only interested in the destination. Usually a restaurant. I liked to look at a map for interesting backroads, good places to stop for taking pictures, etc. For me it’s the journey and the things you learn along the way.
  2. Maybe he’ll get smart and put ama’s on it.
  3. I thought the sheer line looked familiar. Beautiful boat. Now we are going to hound you for more photos.
  4. nice video Toggie. What lake are you on? I grew up on Lake St. Claire?
  5. Being a mite presumptions, eh? My only issue with you is that you think Zonker is an armchair sailor. That rubbed me the wrong way.
  6. If you were referring to me how the heck do you know what my hours are?
  7. I am a somewhat newbie. 3 years or so. But what does having given up racing have to do with being here?
  8. And our intrepid world adventurer is stil on the bench. Oh, and Jammer has left as well. Oh, the humanity.
  9. Stocking up on popcorn. This is gonna be a great show.
  10. Paging LB. LB to the white phone, please.
  11. Like trying to keep you’re gob shut when you have no idea what you’re talking about? Karma is a bitch.
  12. He is certainly not a conformist.
  13. I think that is more of a “We’ve got this dad, you been doing a lot for us”. You raised them right Mr. Bottles.
  14. This all can be sourced to when you and Mr. Perry designed and built a boat together. Maybe this is how the Bible was started those many years ago. Jim
  15. And let's all hope he doesn't get any ideas from the Ugly Dodger thread.
  16. You learn something every day around here.
  17. I was just ribbing you a bit. Nothing mean meant by it.
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