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  1. Zonker you are correct if your foam boat never hits a dock, mooring ball or anything else floating around. Put your knee into a surfboard and see the result. There is a carbon 60 foot Schionning that has a super light balsa core and a 300g laminate so yes that’s exactly what I’m suggesting. Most balsa Schionning’s have 600g eglass, mine has 450g so it’s actually fact. I’m not a champion for balsa, just trying to balance the argument of people who hate it just because someone told them it’s shit.
  2. Some interesting comments on this thread. I’ll star with balsa- yep it definitely has its shortcomings if not done right, I remember looking over a home built cat a few years ago and the hinge bolts were hanging out of the deck hatches which had literally been drilled then bolted without the core being taken out. But then again I’ve sailed on a high performance balsa core cat that was so stiff that it was ridiculous, far superior to a similar boat from H80 foam. When Jeff talks about a balsa boat being similar weight to a foam boat it’s because the foam boat will need about 1000g of laminate t
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