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  1. No bullying from me multi, I just wonder why a random is posting all the negativity but the guy who bought it isn’t. I actually couldn’t care less about the boat
  2. Seriously Pantouf, who has a grand tour of a boat, hangs shit on it then has dinner before going to look over it again? What the grand tour wasn’t grand enough? You sound like a grand tosser with an obvious axe to grind. Looks like a nice boat but you must think otherwise. Are you really going to store shit in a 50’ boat that takes 2hrs to retrieve when you need it? I’m not being a keyboard expert here just commenting on how ridiculous you sound.
  3. Some of the posts on this thread are a disgrace. I have no dog in this fight whatsoever but for some guy who “had dinner” with the owner to come on here and hang crap on the boat? Give me a break. I’m sure if the new owner has any issues he will promptly get in contact with the builders and won’t need some legend hanging shit on his new boat just to prove what a hero he is.
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