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  1. Been there. Had to replace the floorboards on 35 year old Racer Cruiser in NZ. Holly and Teak is expensive and stock / supply is a challenge. The other problem is rest of the teak in the boat will have faded and weathered and new teak is not going to match. The new teak will look much darker. So here's my approach. Tried a couple of other Marine ply samples and Meranti wasn't too bad. A little bit darker / reddish than teak interior. Thought I'd try to paint some lines as a nod to the old school Holy and Teak look. Here's the Process.... Take the origin
  2. G'day Mate,

    Did your boat used to be named California Kiwi?

    Tony Fannin

    Gold Coast


    1. Sudden5869


      Hi Tony

      I understand the boat has always been named Oliver Sudden.  Original owner was a guy called Russell Green, now Legal Counsel to Emirates Team NZ.  

      It was the first of the Young 10/34s.  Believe it was the the plug for the what was the Young 99,.  The Young 99s were all glass boats made by Roger Land, slightly different Keel and Rudder by Richard Karn.    

      Not sure if Oliver Sudden left Auckland much during it's 35 years.  Has spent most of it's time in Westhaven/RNZYS, now based in Half Moon Bay / BBYC.  



    2. basildog


      The reason for asking is that there used to be a 99 or a 1034 in the Bay of Islands in the early mid 90's owned by a Californian bloke.  Spent loads of miles on Honeywell Y11 plug and another Y11 The Chairman both were based in Kerikeri Cruising Club.

      Keep up the good work


  3. Looks Mint. Big ups for rescuing a great Kiwi race boat.
  4. Yip. Tried LFR as blocks on 34ft yacht with 100+Sqm kite. LFR for Brace lines are great. Only up to 30 degree angle. Nice and light and small, out of the way. Tried on Spinnaker Sheets with 120+ degrees... worked, but not free enough. Too much friction. And an annoying squeaking sound. Went back to big old alloy blocks with becket holding block up on lifelines...
  5. Very handy there Alcatraz. Nice. Bulb looks slippery.....
  6. Hey Alcatraz. I think (last time I looked) Decoplan - Floor - 3000 x 1850 was approx $350. Plytech in Highbrook, Auckland.
  7. I've been wondering if these would do the trick... http://www.plytech.co.nz/decoplan-floor Plytech Decoplan Floor is a light-weight board made of 100% recycable synthetic honeycomb, designed as floor panelling for light duty cargo areas. The board consists of three polypropylene layers. The middle layer obtains its special structure by thermo-forming. Lamination to the outer layers results in a very light and stable trilaminate structure. Although lighter than wood, Decoplan Floor achieves a comparable pressure resistance which allows a significant increase to the vehicle payload.
  8. Ditto... bearings failed on our old Nexus Wireless Wind transducer a few months back. Would be keen to replace the bearings and keep using the unit...
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