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  1. Hmmm..I know a couple of the early boats, including the infamous Rainmaker, were 55s. Not sure which was the first 57 conversion and whether that was made permanent in the series. @Soma or @Greenflash - can you answer?
  2. Not to completely hijack the thread, but weren’t all of the late 55s actually 57s? I thought they extended the transom on all of the hulls to try and combat the “stern down” effect because the boat came in way over target weight..
  3. Interesting point. Given demands on time, even for “semi-retired” ultra-wealthy folks, I can imagine crew is basically a necessity. As complex as these boats are, the upkeep has to be a pain in the ass a magnitude or two above and beyond simpler and more affordable catamarans.
  4. It will be interesting to see, but I can’t imagine they’d do anything other than try to provide a small amount of lift with foils. I’m wondering if they’ll have two mast and rigging options like they do on the 68 - cruising and regatta.
  5. It seems like things are picking up, but realistically they’re averaging less than 2 68s a year. I can’t believe the business model is built on that low a volume, but maybe it is with the dramatic increase in prices. Only GLY knows for sure…
  6. @Soma or @Greenflash are probably best qualified to answer that question. The real question probably isn’t whether it CAN be sailed by owners (they definitely can be - Tribe was built by PJ to cruise the world with his family), but rather when should you consider bringing on professional crew (ie - regatta settings).
  7. He sold the Mod 70 over a year ago I believe. Somebody pointed it out in one of the threads here as it’s been re-wrapped/painted and has a new name.
  8. Sad to see Phaedo just sitting. Has she been taken out in years? Seems like Lloyd lost interest in her after the Transpacific dismasting. Kind of surprised she hasn’t been offered for sale at this point. I don’t think she’s been in a regatta in what, maybe 5 years?
  9. Yeah, I was waiting for the Titanic reenactment on the bowsprit. Looked staged, and I hope to God it wasn’t the actual owner.
  10. I loved the paint on this one when it emerged from the factory and photos in the sun were done. Exterior helm stations are a cool addition. If this was the owner’s dream project, why is he selling so quickly? Based on the price tag is he hoping to upgrade to the new GB80? Just doesn’t make sense…
  11. Didn’t this boat used to be Phaedo III that set a bunch of records a few years ago?
  12. How much is left to do on it at this point? Seems like you all had done a ton of the work already.
  13. You’re right, I was wrong. They used infusion technology from Gunboat to lower the amount of resin required and thus reducing weight on Puffin. They didn’t use carbon fiber in the hulls. See link: https://sailpuffin.com/2019/05/18/chasing-performance/
  14. Agreed, especially since they did a carbon 4X for Puffin using the GB technology for the hulls. Seems like GLY and Outremer are perfectly content to let Outremer handle the sub-60’ market.
  15. https://www.gunboat.com/series/gunboat72v/ Flybridge??? I feel like this isn’t quite the Gunboat DNA, but I’m admittedly ignorant…
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