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  1. That would be interesting with the 1T weight loss, outside helms, and full experienced crews...
  2. Interesting ratios for some of these boats: 380 ~1.4 TS5 ~1.3 GB68 (regatta) ~1.4 GB68 (cruising) ~1.2 HH66 (turbo) ~1.5 HH66 (cruising) ~1.3 I wonder if the beam ratio plays a role too...
  3. I’m guessing you’re talking about the 380. A TS5 is 15.24m with a mast height of 20m.
  4. @soma any updates on owner’s intention with the project? I wasn’t sure with COVID and his business issues if he’d re-think the whole thing, or get motivated because time isn’t guaranteed.
  5. I bet Gunboat will claim it when it starts smoking 60's in regattas....
  6. The 78 is definitely listed as well. Here’s what I BELIEVE is currently available: 48 - Traverse 57 - VaiVai 60 - Fault Tolerant, Arethusa 62 - Tribe 66 - Extreme H2O (finishing refit) 78 - My Cat not sure which other 66 is up for sale...Elvis maybe? @soma
  7. @americano - saw the FB posts about light air and checklists. Any updates on performance vs Condor given the different rigs and missions?
  8. @soma - any updates on when you’ll splash the boat? Love the color!
  9. I’m curious about the Daedalus 80 mentioned WAY back in 2018...
  10. Don’t forget that supply of cats in the Gunboat market sector has increased too over that time helping to further decrease prices. Boats from Outremer, HH, Marsaudon, OE, etc are all taking buyers that may have looked at used Gunboats in the past. As those owners turn over those boats (high-end fast cruiser-racers) and THEY hit the used market, it will just exacerbate the issue. Kind of what has happened in large motor yachts between 100-200’. Eventually,it will all balance out....probably just in time for a massive recession.
  11. Lol...I actually posted that link in another thread a couple of months back!
  12. GB is hemorrhaging money under GLY? THAT would be a surprise with both lead boats already sold and at significantly higher prices than old GB lists. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there have been cost overruns like just about every early production boat in a series. Big difference between that and hemorrhaging though... As for the used GBs, I’m sure GLY wants to keep the market tight and resale values strong. That being said, I can guarantee their priority is selling new production 68s. I’m wondering how much cross-pollination there will be between GB & Outremer as time goes on
  13. Makes you wonder if Gunboat under GLY ownership will put out something in the 50’ range as it was (and is) incredibly popular. Maybe GLY doesn’t want the competition with the Outremer 5X already in that space.
  14. @soma what’s the story on the 78? I know the build was a drawn out screw up of epic proportions from some things I read. Owner didn’t keep her very long. Any word on how she actually sails?
  15. HotCarNut


    Curious about the design comment - are you talking about the boat itself, interior, sail handling? Your interior comments made me think you're talking about interior design (which I would agree with after watching the walk-throughs on YachtWorld....holy cow). How do they compare to GBs, Outremer 5X, TS5, etc on cost fully finished? Given the materials and the finish, I'd think they'd have to be in GB68 territory cost wise...
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